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Home in Trivandrum Runs 3 ACs, Fridge, Microwave, Lights and Fans on Solar. But How?

Mr. Daniel stays in Trivandrum district in Kerala with his two daughters, his wife and in-laws. The area that he stays in did not have a problem of frequent power cuts those were just occasional but he had a large house and his electricity bill...

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“After Installing Solar, My Electricity Bill Went Down from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 0,” Says Kerala Man

This is a story about a man living in Kerala who decided to go solar. His house now runs on 3KVA Grid-Tie inverter and he can’t be happier. Here is everything you need to know about this solar journey - Why an On-Grid System Over...

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“I Converted My Existing Inverter to Solar and I Now Pay Only Rs. 20 in Electricity Bills,” Says this Man from Haryana

Yes, you read that right! Mr. Ramesh recently converted his existing inverter battery system into a solar system. His electricity bill was Rs. 20 this month! Read more to find out what he installed - Life Before Solar Mr. Ramesh and his wife stay in...

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“We Installed Solar in our 2BHK House. This is How We Run Fans, AC, TV, Lights and Fridge on Solar Power”

How Did Solar Help This Family? Mr. VK Rao and his family stays in Bareilly district in Uttar Pradesh state of India. He owns a 2BHK flat and he had installed a su-kam inverter previously since this area experiences 4 to 5 hours of power...

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This Area in Punjab Gets Only 4 Hours of Electricity Daily. So, People Turn to Solar.

Here is a story about a man who suffered from lack of electricity lines in his area and wanted electricity to construct a new home for himself. This Man Could Construct His Home All Thanks to Solar Power Mr. Suresh stays in district Baltana in...

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After Seeing the Benefits of Solar in Their Neighbour’s House, This Family in Jaipur Also Installed Solar

Mr. Sunil stays in Village Mangyawas in Jaipur state with his family. The area that this inverter is located receives no electricity and Sunil was struggling with this problem for a long time. Sunil had a neighbour, who is a lawyer and had installed a...

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After Watching Solar Videos on YouTube, I Installed Solar in my Home in UP. My Son Can Now Study Well with 24X7 Electricity.

Mr. Ansaar stays in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh state with his family. The area that Ansaar lives in experiences frequent power cuts and he required a backup system to run the bare necessities of his home like tube lights and fans. Ansaar then starting doing...

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People in Kenya Are Buying Indian Solar Products to Get Reliable Electricity Amid Power Crisis

Kenya is facing a severe shortage of electricity connection. Only 15% of country’s population is connected to the grid. Rest have to survive on diesel generators, lamps or go without any light at all. Even those homes and establishments that are connected to the grid...

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