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Businessman in Haryana was Spending Rs. 19000 Monthly on Electricity Costs. Then He Installed Solar.

Mr. Bajrang Goel who lives in Meham, Rohtak district, Haryana recently decided to install a solar system in his house as well as his in his jewelry shop. Haryana a State in India receives approximately 13 hours of sunlight in a day. More day light...

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Student in Yemen Buys ‘Made in India’ Solar System to Get Electricity in Times of Crisis

If you have been following Su-Kam’s blogs, you might have read a number of articles on how Su-Kam has outdone itself in the Yemen city. Su-Kam is not just an inverter battery manufacturing company. It isn’t just a revenue generating company either. Su-Kam’s focus lies...

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Hyderabad Family Installs Grid tie Solar: Their AC and Fridge run on solar. Here’s how:

The grid tie inverter or the grid feed inverter is a new money earning concept that has been introduced all over India and many people as well as industries are now happily getting it installed in their homes and work place. Mr. GB Reddy was...

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This home in Surat went solar and is saving Rs. 60,000

PM Modi is keen on solarizing India in the coming years. He has been creating ripples among the citizens of India, making them aware about the benefits of solar. It not only ensures a renewable supply of electricity but is affordable too. What makes solar...

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7 Best Solar Installations in India: Must See How India went Solar in 2015

Year 2015 turned out to be indeed eventful with PM Modi stressing on solarising India. He took forward this great initiative by bringing in awareness related to solar and also came up with a plan to be executed in phases. Now, India can finally move...

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Electricity Conservation Day – 5 solar installations in India to take inspiration from!

18th December – a day celebrated as the Electricity Conservation Day is finally here and thankfully, people do realise the importance that electricity holds in our lives these days. Globally, ample measures are being taken in order to conserve electricity and switch to alternate sources...

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See this challenging solar installation done at Dehradun!

The power shortage and high rising electricity bills have now forced people to think of alternatives to generate electricity. No wonder the demand for solar energy is suddenly reaching heights! More and more people are opting for solar for their homes and businesses. In fact,...

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