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Wow! The Students of this School in UP Convinced the Management to Install Solar to Get Relief from Powercuts and Save Money on Generators

The St. Peters school is located in Agra district, Uttar Pradesh. Since this school was constructed, it faced the problem of electricity supply in the school. There are frequent power cuts in that area. The students, teachers and management struggled with this for months. They...

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Must Read: This Solar-Powered School in Jaipur Sells Extra Electricity to the Govt. Solar

We have always maintained that all schools in India must go solar. If a school is located in a city that doesn't suffer from long powercuts, then grid-tie solar makes perfect sense. Schools operate during the sunshine hours when solar panels make the most amount...

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Jai Jawaan! Indian Military College Goes Eco-friendly, Installs Solar Lights

The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) is a public school for boys situated in Doon Valley, Dehradun in India. This college is a feeder institution for the National Defence Academy, Indian Naval Academy and subsequently the Indian Armed Forces. All the students graduating from this college enter the three famous military academies of...

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This School in Rajasthan Had No Electricity Until It Installed Solar

This story is about a nursery school located in Jaipur that recently decided to go solar! We often talk about the problem of powercut, but imagine living in an area where there is no electricity at all. This school didn't have any grid supply of...

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Great! School in Maharashtra Sets Example by Going Solar

Why Solar? Sandeepani Public School is located in Nanded, Maharashtra. This area where the school is located experiences frequent power cuts so they had to install a power back up system to run their load comfortably. The school has a number of Su-Kam inverters and...

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Well Done, Kerala! Engineering College in Kerala Sets a Great Example by Going Solar

Here is a story about how Su-Kam helped an engineering college located in Perumon take a step closer towards solar and thus not only turning India into a green country but also reducing their monthly electricity bills along with ensuring availability of electricity in the...

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WOW! 5 Schools in Uttar Pradesh Run Fully on Solar – Off Grid. But How? Find Out.

5 primary schools in Santkabir district of Uttar Pradesh now run DC pump, DC RO and DC Fans completely on solar. The kids are happy and so are we. Here are the details - GOVERNMENT PRIMARY SCHOOLS RUN ON SOLAR Su-Kam was lucky to have...

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7 Best Solar Installations in India: Must See How India went Solar in 2015

Year 2015 turned out to be indeed eventful with PM Modi stressing on solarising India. He took forward this great initiative by bringing in awareness related to solar and also came up with a plan to be executed in phases. Now, India can finally move...

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Electricity Conservation Day – 5 solar installations in India to take inspiration from!

18th December – a day celebrated as the Electricity Conservation Day is finally here and thankfully, people do realise the importance that electricity holds in our lives these days. Globally, ample measures are being taken in order to conserve electricity and switch to alternate sources...

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