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God Bless! Another Church in Maharashtra goes Solar

Remember we told you about how our authorized dealer Mr. Ravindra brought light to this church that received no electricity by installing a solar powered system? Here’s an update! He solarised yet another church! A noble act again! Read the full story here: Why solar...

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After Solar Powered Homes and Offices, Meet a Solar Temple in India

Why was solar power required in this area? Narayan is the owner of a temple located in Sanchore, District Jalore, Rajasthan. This temple required to run its appliances and due to power cuts every day, they needed a power backup system. The temple ran its...

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Oh God! This Church in Rural Maharashtra Goes 100% Solar. Get the Details:

Mr. Peter  is the owner of the trust fund in a church called ‘Blessings Youth Mission’ in the state of Maharashtra. The area where this Church is located does not have any power lines and receives no electricity. Peter resorted to using a diesel generator...

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Did You Know That Nagaland is Slowly Going Solar? 1000 Solar Lights Installed in Villages

Here is an interesting story about how Su-kam helped to bring light into the dark streets of Nagaland by installing over 1000 Solar street lights. This story is narrated by Mr. Zhatou, who is Su-Kam’s authorized distributor located in Nagaland. Read the full story -...

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Must See: This Farm in Rajasthan Runs on 100% Solar Power! Water Pump Motors, Fans, Lights – Everything Runs on Solar

Mr. Swapan stays in Banswara district in Rajasthan state with his family. He owns a large farm in which he has created greenhouse effect for his crops. This area receives no electricity. The farm has been functioning in the dark since many months. Swapan owns...

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I Faced 12 Hours of Powercuts Daily Until I Installed Solar in My House in Uttar Pradesh

Here is a story about an old man who lives in Uttar Pradesh in a small village who has been struggling with chronic power shortage. His sons who live outside the country contacted our authorized distributor to get a solar powered system installed in their...

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I pay Rs. 0 as Electricity Bill to the State. My Home is 100% Solar. Lights, Fans, TV – Everything Runs on Solar Power

Here is a story about a man living in Gurgaon city, who struggled with no electricity at his home for months. Then one day our distributor approached him and suggested to install India’s best solar inverter. His home now runs on solar power and that...

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This Solar-Powered Dairy Farm Runs Heavy Machines and 20 Lights on Solar. Here’s How

This is a story about a man who chose solar power to run his appliances in his newly constructed farmhouse and is saving thousands over a month. Read to find out more: Why Did He Choose Solar Power? Mr. Ravinder lives in Village Bilaspur, Punjab....

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This Farmhouse in Village Has No Grid Connectivity But Gets 24×7 Power From 25 Solar Lights

Here is an interesting story about a farmhouse that has lived in the dark for months because of no electricity lines in that area. The owners then opted for Su-Kam solar street lights and finally saw light in their farmhouse. Here is what happened: Why...

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