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Solar India: 3 Houses In One Village Go Solar to Make Savings and Get 24/7 Power

Like most Indian villages Kharkra village in Meham, Rohtak also faced serious power crunch. Electricity was available for just 8 hours per day; 6 hours at night and 2 hours during the day. Due to the prolonged power cut their inverter and battery was quite...

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Solar House: Why this homeowner in small town of UP installed solar?

For investors, India’s solar push seems like the new Gold Rush. But India’s small-towner is not far behind in grabbing the opportunity. In their own little way they too are making hay while the sun shines. How Ramu made his bucks the smart way Ramu...

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Why this Home in Karnal Installed a Solar Inverter and how much did they pay

For Indian villagers solar power has come as a blessing and an end to most problems. It is no wonder that solar energy is spreading rampantly even in the remotest parts of India. Village in Karnal gets Solar Take for instance this family from a...

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See this revolutionary solarized insect-killing machine!

Pioneer in bringing out exemplary solar products, Su-Kam Power Systems Limited has been taking the power industry by storm. It understands the basic problems of people of India and then the R & D unit does an extensive research to come up with a solution...

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A submersible solar-powered pump installed at a village in Gujarat!

Gujarat is fast-becoming a solar hub with a great number of homes, offices, schools, institutes, banks, and temples going solar for their power needs. Its accessibility and affordability makes it a popular choice among masses. The increasing awareness and the various campaigns are also reasons...

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7 Best Solar Installations in India: Must See How India went Solar in 2015

Year 2015 turned out to be indeed eventful with PM Modi stressing on solarising India. He took forward this great initiative by bringing in awareness related to solar and also came up with a plan to be executed in phases. Now, India can finally move...

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Electricity Conservation Day – 5 solar installations in India to take inspiration from!

18th December – a day celebrated as the Electricity Conservation Day is finally here and thankfully, people do realise the importance that electricity holds in our lives these days. Globally, ample measures are being taken in order to conserve electricity and switch to alternate sources...

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