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This Touchscreen Solar Inverter is helping me Save Massively on Electricity While Giving 24×7 Power to My Factory

Mr. Harry Angapengawala owns a Prawn Cultivating center (Zingga Talav) in Surat district, Gujarat. This center is located in a remote area of Surat where no electricity supply is available. To run their day to day light load in their office and a 5-room servant...

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Must see: How Solar Lights Are Illuminating the Royal City of Udaipur

Solar street lights are in high demand across India. It's not just become a want but a necessity now because traditional street lights need electricity from grid to function – which is not available in many parts of India. Solar street lights, on the other...

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Royal Enfield Showroom in Hardoi Goes 100% Solar and Expects Almost Rs. 0 Electricity Bill in Coming Months

Mr. Nihal is the Director with Royal Enfield Company. He wanted to set an example in his company to promote the use of green energy, so he decided to start with solarizing the showroom of Royal Enfield located in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. Nihal...

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Why I Decided to Run My Manufacturing Plant on Solar?

A New Reason to Go Solar! Mr. Blagaan owns a sanitary hardware manufacturing house called the Marble house in Zirakhpur District, Punjab. The area where this place is located does not experience much power cuts and also Mr. Blagaan was comfortable with his electricity bills....

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I’m waiting to see an Almost Rs. 0 Electricity Bill after Installing Solar at My Manufacturing Plant

Why a grid-tie system? Mr. Malhotra owns a firm called ‘Friends Enterprises’ that is located in Ludhiana, Punjab. This is a manufacturing company that makes automobile spare parts. Mr. Malhotra used to spend a substantial amount of money on electricity bills per month. After seeing...

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How Constant Powercuts in Chandigarh Made me Install Solar in My Office

Mr. Praveen owns a company called ‘RSM Enterprises’ located in the industrial area of Chandigarh. The area in which this company is located experiences short but regular power cuts. Since the last one year Chandigarh has been facing erratic power cuts - As reported by...

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Must See: How Chennai Metro Runs on Solar and Generates 4500 Units of Electricity from Solar Daily

It is a pleasure to officially announce that Su-Kam Power Systems Limited has recently bagged a 1MW solar project that will drive Chennai Rail Metro this year. It is a prestigious occasion not just for Su-Kam but also for this nation to see the government...

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Facebook Provides Free Wi-Fi in Gujarat Using Solar Power. How? Read to Find Out:

What Was This Solar Project All About? This story is about a Facebook Campaign organised by Mr. Modi, the Prime Minister of India to make sure that the citizens of India enjoy free Wi-Fi in that area. Facebook recently collaborated with PM of India to...

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This Sweet Shop in Belgaum Runs 8 Computers, 2 Printers and One Fridge on Solar. But How?

Why Solar? Om Sugars is a sweet shop located in Karnataka. The area where this shop is located was facing a troublesome situation of frequent power cuts. Since this shop required freezers and other equipment to run for 24 hours, they wanted to install a...

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