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This Community in Dharamshala Runs its 250 Rooms with Lights, Fans, ACs, Geysers and Water Pumps on 30KW Solar Power Plant. Read How:

It looks like the dream of 'Solar India' is now becoming a reality. From houses to offices – from schools to hospitals – more and more establishments are going solar. And why shouldn't they!? Solar is good for the environment, gives you 24x7 electricity and...

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The People of Afghanistan Support an Indian Solar Company to Meet their Electricity Needs

Afghanistan is a country located within South Asia and Central Asia. With a population of approximately 32 million, Afghanistan is the 42nd most populous country in the world. The decades of war have left the country's power grid badly damaged. As of 2012, approximately 33% of the Afghan...

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Gujarat Government is Solarising its Lighthouses. Here’s Why:

The lighthouses monitor the seas during the nights and assists the defense forces of India to maintain peace and tranquility. Those lights are running comfortably on solar. Here is a story about how Su-Kam was a part of a massive solar installation in this government...

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