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Businessman in Haryana was Spending Rs. 19000 Monthly on Electricity Costs. Then He Installed Solar.

Mr. Bajrang Goel who lives in Meham, Rohtak district, Haryana recently decided to install a solar system in his house as well as his in his jewelry shop. Haryana a State in India receives approximately 13 hours of sunlight in a day. More day light...

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Be Careful! 6 Myths about Inverter Batteries

If you live in an area where power cuts are frequent then you definitely know what an inverter is. And consequently you may have an idea about batteries too. Setting foot into the world of batteries you may have come across a million things about...

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3 Common Myths About Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Power inverters are remarkable devices. Beautifully designed and widely misunderstood. Although it’s no rocket science but then again, as much as I love it, the world of inverters can get slightly over the top! So let’s get down to some basics. Why Inverters? The word...

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Run Your House on Grid-tie Solar in Just Rs. 30,000

Recently, the chairman of Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency, Mr. Sudeep Jain, decided to switch from conventional to solar energy with the help of Su-kam. A solar power panel of 4000 Watts with a 4 Kw inverter was installed in his residence in a grid-tie...

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