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Perfect Power Partner

Mr. S C Sharma is a long term Su-Kam customer from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, who is highly proud of his association with the brand and says his Su-Kam Home UPS has worked faultlessly from day one. Like Mr. Sharma, there are many others across Uttar...

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Su-Kam:Powering the East

Eastern India is one area that is, sadly, often left out from the progress that the country is otherwise making. Some of the most economically underdeveloped states and areas of the country are in these regions. The ironic thing is, places that are being left...

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Fit with Su-Kam

What does one depend on, to run a peaceful home, and a successful business? One might say that there has to be a certain amount of investment, hard work, among other things. But there is one other basic need, that is instrumental in a home...

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Su-Kam – Investing in Power

Twelve years ago, one man had a dream. Kunwer Sachdev saw the thoroughly disorganized power back-up sector. He saw that there were polluting diesel generators, and the inverters available were crude, unreliable, mock-up jobs made using sundry spare parts from defunct electronic items in backyards....

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