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To Serve & Protect

Customer support, the bane of the Indian consumer's existence. Despite using products and services from a slew of Indian and international brands, many people, though satisfied with the product/service, find that the service support falls woefully short of expectations. Say you get an expensive air-conditioner...

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Uninterrupted Power supply

In a world where there is an ongoing energy crisis, India has been forced to face this menace as well. Its ironic that while we are in a constant bid to meet our ever-growing energy needs, we are also simultaneously trying to reduce our energy...

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Service first – The Su-Kam way

The first responsibility of any company is to provide a reliable product – one that is well built, uses dependable technology, and performs smoothly without breaking down. The second, equally important, responsibility is of providing technical service – especially in case of electronic or mechanical...

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Customers swear by Su-Kam

Why do a large group of people love a specific brand? Is it because its products and services fulfill a compelling need? But there are hundreds of companies that make products for every kind of need. Then, is it because a specific brand is more...

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Su-Kam -Back-up for back-up!

It is thought that for makers of electrical products & appliances, it is service & technical back-up that defines the ownership experience. Be it a car, a microwave, or a television, the best of gadgets and electronic items need periodic technical support & service; failing...

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