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Solar Revolution in Kerala – Another Home Goes Solar to Run on Green Energy

Here is a story of Su-Kam’s trusted and loyal dealers who has played a major role in solarizing hundreds of homes in Kerala. Mr. Renjith Ravindran from ‘Solar Power Corporation’ and a couple of his colleagues found this company in 2013 located Thrissur. The company’s...

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Have you heard of Solar powered Water Pump? This company in Gurgaon has installed it

What is a solar water pump? Just as the name implies a solar water pump uses electricity generated by photo-voltaic panels to run the pump as opposed to grid electricity or diesel run water pumps. Why use solar water pump? Although solar energy has vast...

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3 Common Myths About Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Power inverters are remarkable devices. Beautifully designed and widely misunderstood. Although it’s no rocket science but then again, as much as I love it, the world of inverters can get slightly over the top! So let’s get down to some basics. Why Inverters? The word...

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How This Hospital in Haryana Runs on Solar?

Rural India remains significantly underdeveloped in terms of healthcare facilities at hospitals and health care centers, making it inevitable for them to travel miles to reach the nearest cities and avail adequate treatment. Why hospitals should go solar? Hospitals consume a lot of diesel for...

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One more school basking in the ‘sun’ glory

Su-kam and solar go hand in hand. The company has launched many revolutionary products and claims that its backbone is its hard-working employees. These employees are dedicated towards bringing a change in the society and give wings to Sukam’s ‘Ek Nayi Soch’. Gurgaon School went...

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Smart Chargers that Charge Batteries in 6 Stages Now in India

Every inverter owner would agree that they are fed up with problems in their batteries. However, before you start blaming the battery you should look at how ordinary inverters charge batteries. Most inverters in the market use age old charging technology which damages the health...

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