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Farmer Uses His Savings to Go Solar in Sirsa, Haryana. He Was Facing 20 Hours of Powercuts Daily

Recently a village located in District Sirsa recently saw light in their house after almost 3 years of complete darkness. Su-Kam’s authorized distributer Mr. Lalit Goyal from Harsh Electronics Sirsa installed this solar system after being contacted by Mr. Shri Sardar Darshan Singh through a...

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Gurudwara Goes Solar in Amritsar with 205 Solar Lights. Here are the Details

Su-Kam recently bagged an order to install a massive number of solar street lights in Amritsar, Punjab. Sri Janam Asthaan Baba Budha Sahib Gurudwara decided to install street lights that would run completely on solar and save a massive amounts of electricity charges. And so...

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Punjab is Going Solar! Another Family Installs Grid Tie Solar. Here’s How

Su-Kam’s grid tie inverter is gaining a much deserved popularity because of its advantage of running load on free solar power and also substantially reducing electricity bills by selling excess solar back to the main grid. Another major advantage is that return of investment of...

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Innovative ‘Made in India’ Solar DC Power System Installed in England

Solar energy can help to provide electricity in areas where the grid supply has no way of reaching. Such far flung areas will be able to run completely on standalone solar systems. Keeping this in mind we at Su-Kam, have introduced a solar DC system....

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Grand Salute! Indian Army Goes Solar in Shillong: 24×7 Electricity for our Jawaans

The Director General of Assam riffles in Shillong felt the need to install a solar powered system in their area (Lait Kore), since the Shillong area is blessed with ample amount of sunlight reaching their land, so that their load (lights, fans, central heating systems,...

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This Parking Lot in Mumbai runs entirely on Free Solar Power

In India, streets lights are usually powered with grid supply and this creates a major problem in areas where there are frequent power cuts. India is soon turning to off grid solar powered street lights that are long lasting, low maintenance and give much better...

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How This Indian Company is Solarizing Yemen: Must Read Story of How Solar is Helping the People of Yemen

A country at war may be in turmoil but the people do not stop living. Life must go on, no matter what. Despite all the hardships that an impending war brings upon its citizens, the people strive to bring normalcy into their lives. During a...

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