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This Family is All Set to Sell Electricity Back to the State with Grid-tie Solar

A residence in Karnal’s Wazirchand Colony was getting extremely high electricity bills. Every month the owner had to shell out upto Rs 10,000 towards electricity bill. To put an end to this problem he decided to install a solar system on terrace. The project was...

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World’s First Touchscreen Solar PCU installed in Noida

This residence in Noida’s sector 119 was getting exorbitant electricity bills. The bill was as high as Rs 10,000 per month. The house owner had heard a lot about the seamless benefits of solar so he decided to get one of his own. He contacted...

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Have you heard of Solar powered Water Pump? This company in Gurgaon has installed it

What is a solar water pump? Just as the name implies a solar water pump uses electricity generated by photo-voltaic panels to run the pump as opposed to grid electricity or diesel run water pumps. Why use solar water pump? Although solar energy has vast...

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This beautiful solar installation in Agra saves Rs. 70,000

From reducing the carbon footprint to saving money and environment, solar has more benefits than you can ever think. People are also gradually understanding how solar can be the best solution for their power related worries. Recently, Cement Associates situated in Agra decided to switch...

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