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Digital home UPS by Su-Kam

Power cuts have turned our life upside down. Especially for people like me, who work from home. I have to be online on my computer for a major part of the day and power cuts had a heavy toll on my work. Not to mention...

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Digital UPS by Su-Kam

Su-Kam’s top-of-the line Digital UPS Systems redefines the very concept of the UPS. Packed with exclusive, innovative and electricity saving features, Su-Kam Digital UPS Systems maximize the output of the computers and peripherals they are connected to. Su-kam offers a wide range of Digital UPS...

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Su-Kam IntelliQ online UPS communication software

The Su-Kam On-Line UPS Systems have an RS-232 Interface for the Power Manager. This user-friendly On-Line UPS Communication Software controls and monitors UPS performance and programs UPS commands. An easy-to-use software, it is based on the RS 232 world standard for interfacing Digital Signal Processor...

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IntelliQ Online UPS system

The Most Reliable Management Systems for Mission Critical Applications: true On-Line protection for Network Servers, Bridges, Hubs, Routers, Storage Devices and Critical Workstations, Medical Equipment, Industrial Products, Telecommunication Systems etc. The primary purpose of the IntelliQ On-Line UPS System is to protect critical and sensitive...

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On-line UPS- A must at your office

Data centers, LAN nodes, telecommunication system, medical equipments, banks, programmable logic control systems, lighting systems, production units, safety systems etc. must always be protected against problems in power supply. Sudden blackouts and variations in the main power supply may lead to malfunction and severe data...

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Why inverters and UPS fail (Part-1)

Any electronic or electrical equipment users especially in countries like India face unusual difficulties in trying to cope up with AC power problems. The most common problems include frequent blackouts due to inadequate generation capacity, wide AC mains voltage variation due to inadequate distribution infrastructure...

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Why inverters and UPS fail (Part-2)

Power disturbances may lead to a lot of things. Sags and under voltages can cause component overheating or destruction. Component overheating reduces the life and deteriorates the real reliability as opposed to the estimated reliability based on steady-state conditions of the product. Most of the...

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