Chander Singh Negi feels proud to be working for a great company like Su-Kam


I joined Su-Kam in 1991 when Su-Kam was a small group. But  it was our MD, Mr. Kunwer Sachdev whose vision and leadership has made Su-Kam a 1000+ Crore company today.

 Su-Kam is like a second family to me, the work culture and environment is excellent. I have a team that has people working with me from 10-15 years. It’s a pleasure to have such a great team. I have received constant support from my seniors in performing my duties.

 I admire our MD, Mr. Sachdev, who has been a wonderful leader and taken us through many ups and downs and at all times he has lead us through it showing wonderful leadership.

I remember once I had fallen ill and was unable to join work for a couple of days. Mr. Sachdev came to my house to ask after my health. This humble gesture of his made me feel very cared for and proud that I have got an opportunity to work for a good human being like him.



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