Cochin Families Reduce Electricity bills by 50% Thanks to Solar

sukam kerala

“Appa, do you know, the amount of sunlight that hits the earth in one minute meets the world’s energy demand in a year”, said aloud a 10 year old Rishi from his Class V text book, his eyes wide open.

On the other side of the table what caught Mr. Iyer’s attention was the newspaper headline reading, the Kochi airport in Kerala has become the first in the world to operate on solar power.

sukam kerala

The bell rang and a troubled Mrs. Iyer from doing household collected the electricity bill underneath the door. What almost came as a bolt from the blue was the raging amount on the bill. Mr. Iyer has to take a final call now.

The tropical nation of India is a reservoir of immense amount of solar energy, hardly in use. Yet India has set a target of achieving overall solar energy installed capacity of 20,000 MW by 2022.

The solar energy market although have started picking, most of the families are in utter dilemma over switching on to solar electricity from conventional electricity as the installation process invites for a hefty investment. The long term goal of this clean energy source are often out shadowed.

So had been the case with the households at Cochin who are gradually accepting solar blessing over grid electricity. Two domestic projects accomplished by Creative Business Corporation, channel partners with Su-Kam that has been a game changer in Cochin are in the house holds of Mr. Mathew George and Mr. Dooshan Augustin.

sukam kerala

Technical Details:

Technical details of installation done at Mr. Mathew George’s place at Kuruppamthara, Kottayam in Kerala.

Solar PCU – 3KVA/48V – 1 No.

Solar Panels – 250wp/24V – 12 Nos

T.T. Battery – 180AH/12V – 8 Nos

Battery Equalizer – 48V – 1 No.

Total cost for the project – Rs. 7,40,320

Mr. George on talking to Su-Kam was ecstatic with the performance of the set up. It has been more than a year now we have encountered no major issue. We are running all our domestic appliances on solar leaving microwave and motor. I am presently saving more than fifty per cent of the electricity bill. I am also looking forward to upgrade it to 5KVA so that electricity bills do not trouble me at all. I have also recommended my colleagues and neighbors to switch to solar.

sukam kerala

Technical details of installation done at Mr. Dooshan Augustin’s place at Ayavana, Muvattupuzha in Kerala.

Solar PCU – 2KVA/48V – 1 No.

Solar Panels – 250wp/24V – 8 Nos

T.T. Battery – 180AH/12V – 8 Nos

Battery Equalizer – 48V – 1 No.

Total cost for the project – Rs. 2,88,750

On talking, Mrs. Augustin too expressed delight about its performance. “We have limited appliances at our home and all are run on solar energy now. During winter we receive a meager bill of Rs. 500 bimonthly.”

sukam kerala

Su-Kam through its best in class solar technology and a large & experienced team is making its solar presence felt largely in a number of cities/districts in Kerala.

The prompt and proficient service team from the company Creative Business Corporation ensures proper maintenance of the projects post installation.

To contact Creative Business Corporation ring 09895233933 or launch a query at 1800-102-4423.

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