One of the reasons for making the above generalisation is that the Company’s spine in Logistics is made of people like Bastiram, an unassuming man who works quietly behind the scenes to ensure that supply chain keeps running at full momentum. Unsung and largely unheralded, the average logistics person holds in his hands the key to take businesses ahead at full steam or bring them to a grinding halt!


Glory be: Being honoured for enduring excellence

Thus Bastiram is the “nuts-and-bolts” person of the Company. As manager (Logistics), he is held accountable for keeping the supply chain well-lubricated, a task which in itself can be broken down into a number of ancillary jobs. Some of these include time-bound delivery of consignments to internal and external recipients, correction of mistakes; if any, fulfilling sudden-requirements, despatch-order coordination for consignments and last but not the least, logistically servicing small dealerships which may have requirements at quite a variance from mid-sized or large dealerships. Bastiram handles all these tasks with aplomb. His is a rare corporate job that actually involves getting one’s hands dirty in the field!Be all this as it may, one may be surprised to know that Bastiram actually started his career in Su-Kam in the rather sedentary field of accounts, a far cry from his current profile as a macho logistics manager. He had joined the Company immediately after finishing school in 2006 and went on to become a University of Delhi graduate in 2011 while still on job. He credits the Company for providing him with enough flexibility of schedule to study while working. Bastiram also has a one year diploma in computer applications to his credit. And never to under-value the importance of higher education, Bastiram is currently pursuing a one year Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Management form Chennai through distance learning.

su-kam 2

Stars in my eyes: taking out time from a busy schedule to oblige the photographer

Upon joining Su-Kam on the 29th of December 2006 as a temporary employee in the accounts department, Bastiram’s primary responsibility was to work on ERP billing. After a mere three months, on the 22nd of April to be precise, the Company hired him on its rolls as a permanent employee. In 2007 he was promoted to the position of Accounts Assistant and in 2009 he found himself in the shoes of an Accounts Executive. It was in this position that Bastiram first got a taste of the world of logistics in a big manufacturing concern. His area of responsibility included looking into the functioning of the supply chain, tracking the movement of goods, planning production in advance etc. In 2008 he was conferred with a “Pat-on-the-back” award and in 2011 promoted to Senior Executive (logistics and supply chain). Whereas earlier Bastiram’s scope of work overlapped with internal movement of consignments, with this promotion he found himself handling external movement as well.

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Two boxfuls of joy, gift-wrapped: Being facilitated at a Su-Kam employee event

As the head-honcho of the Company’s logistics department, Bastiram is responsible for the total movement of materials from the Company’s factories and warehouses. Inventory location, which lies at the very heart of any logistics operation, is overseen and supervised personally by the Logistics manager.

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The three musketeers, in (holi)colour: sharing the festive joy with colleagues.

Bastiram’s interests beyond the workplace are manifold. He is a keen sportsman and regularly participates in all of the Company’s sports events. His dream for the Company, which he calls his family, is to see it break past the threshold Rs 5,000 turnover per annum. He believes in a work-environment where hard work is duly recognised and laxities are firmly pointed out to the erring employee. This is how he rose through the ranks, he asserts, and uncompromisingly applies the same philosophy to those working in his supervision.

su-kam men

A few good men: In a moment of perfect solidarity with fellow travelers for the cause.



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