Community School in Haryana Runs on Solar, Saves Rs. 50,000 Per Month

11888106_557562687714992_4094543533751101267_nGilly Mundy Memorial Community School (GMMCS), a tribute to the late social activist, Gurpreet Singh Mundy, by his UK-based father Mota Singh, is making valiant efforts to change the education scene of rural India by providing quality education to the children of Fatehabad in Harayana.


The school operated by Buwan Kothi International Trust although has built a world-class community and resources centre for the benefit of the people of the area but lacks somewhere due to frequent power cuts and exorbitant power bills. The fund raised for providing quality education with umpteen facility to underprivileged children often gets drained in clearing electricity and generator bills.

GMMCS which has students attending from 20 villages and has adapted itself to the most modern means of teachings through smart classrooms and interactive whiteboards last year decided to make their primary source of energy more affordable, reliable and environmentally sustainable. That is when they decided to go solar.


Technical specification of Solar System that Runs the School

The System is a hybrid solar PV system, with two solar panels of 10KW each.

Two inverters of 15kv/180volt (sufficient capacity to handle the entire lighting and fan load of the High School Building) each has been used.

Table Tabular batteries of 150AH/12 volts have been used to store the solar energy.


How Solar Emerged as a Cheaper Option Than a Generator

Mr. Mukesh Kumar Lather channel partner with Su-kam who was in charge of the installation said, “The installation although had cost the school Rs 20 lakhs but looking at the mammoth electricity and generator bills (approx Rs 50, 000 per month and above) that the school earlier succumbed to, the costs can be recovered in a few years.”

According to the principal Mr. Saudagar Singh, “rising electricity cost was proving to be a huge money guzzler for the school. Su-kam solar installation has provided the much awaited relief. We can now concentrate on other holistic activities by the trust for the school. The installation was done in no time and there is almost zero maintenance. We are happy to become a solar school.”


Why Schools Should Go Solar?

Education sector in rural India is reeling under the lack of inadequate facilities which include no electric power supply or frequent load shedding. Solar power is suitable for educational institutions, many of which have to use diesel generators as secondary source of power, and have ample space as well. This will not only save considerable amount of money but at the same time, set an example for future generations on how to lessen carbon footprints on earth.


Go Solar with Su-Kam

Su-kam has in-depth expertise to provide solar power solutions to schools at rural areas at the best price, customized according requirements of the school. Apart from cutting costs and security against interrupted power supply, solar installation provides subsidy benefits from state government bodies. Installation at schools sets a great example for students as they learn how to bring an eco-friendly change in the surrounding.

If you’re in Haryana and wish to install solar, you can reach Mukesh Kumar Lather at 8053099888. Or give us a call on 1800-102-7555.

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