Connect the Dots

This is the story of an ordinary boy and an extraordinary man. The boy came from an ordinary middle class family, was an average student in an ordinary public school and had a very ordinary upbringing. He had less than an idyllic childhood, his parents fought regularly; he and his siblings had to strive for the smallest of things.
Now for the extraordinary man’s story. He heads a Rs 500 crore company and is attributed as the person who bought about a revolution in the power backup industry of India. He has achieved extraordinary heights of success and is known for his ingenuity, never-say-die attitude, inventiveness, tenacity and foresight. People look upto him and he is a source of inspiration for young and old alike.
You would be surprised to know that we are talking about the same person. Kunwer Sachdev! The CMD of Su-kam, the household name in inverters, batteries and other power backup systems. Yes, he is the one who wrote an impressive success saga by raising above the obstacles that life threw at him.
Thus when Rashmi Bansal, the author of the bestselling book ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’ decided to base her new book on entrepreneurs who made it to the top without an MBA or rich connections, Kunwer Sachdev was a natural choice. Her new book “Connect the Dots” is an interesting and engrossing book that provides real life examples of first-generation entrepreneurs and their fascinating journey towards excellence and success.  Don’t forget to check out the enthralling story of Mr Sachdev from a boy who bumbled through school to that of a renowned entrepreneur.
Read about the dreamer with a strong practicality streak, learn about the student of law who fell in love with Physics and turned it into a profitable venture. Know more about the person who lives by a simple yet irrefutable formula – “Jo bhi karo sabse hatke hona chahiye.”
Connect the Dots also talks about other interesting people and their journeys that led them towards success and glory.  Love the food at Dosa Plaza? Find that Fem Fairness Bleach save you the effort and time needed to go to beauty parlour? Crossword – favourite hangout spot?  Seeking a way out of the rat race?  Wear a Titan? Loved Harishchandrachi Factory?
Learn about the people behind these successful endeavours and many more through Rashmi Bansal’s new book ‘Connect the Dots’. Each one of them dared to find their own path towards their dreams, their destiny.




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