Constant and LONG Powercuts Make Villagers in Punjab Turn to DC Solar System. How it works?

Only 30 minutes of powercut seem to cause a big problem to us city dwellers, but have we ever thought how would it be to live in an area where powercuts long 20 hours on occasions? Yes, this is the sad reality that many villages in India face. A normal inverter is useless if you do not have electricity long enough to charge the batteries. Thankfully, solar is emerging as a life-saver in such situations. Here is a story of how a family located in a remote village in Punjab generated 24×7 electricity by installing DC solar power system.

Why Villagers Turned to Solar

hub of 60 villages where farming and plantation is the main focus. These villages are located in a remote area in Faziika were there has been a persistent problem of electricity failure. The rich turn to diesel generators and the poor have no option than to live their life in darkness and use kerosene lamps.


Mr. Dinesh and his wife stay in a home located in city Abohar that did not have any access to electricity at all times of the day. They struggled through life wishing somehow they could have some electricity to run a tube light or maybe a fan.

Turning to solar power was their best and only hope. Su-Kam helped them realise this dream and made sure that they no longer suffered this trauma of living their life in utter darkness.

Mr. Ankit Singla, Su-Kam’s authorized distributor from Hi-Tech Solar Solutions then suggested Su-Kam’s DC system to be installed in Mr. Dinesh’s home.

What is DC System and How It Works

Su-Kam’s DC system is a unique one of its kind solar system that can be installed with one solar panel and can run up to 120W load including DC Fans, DC tube lights and also has an in built USB charging port. It has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of areas experiencing frequent power cuts or areas where no electricity is available. In such places, this low cost highly efficient system makes the perfect solution. If you installed this system, you become almost energy independent because you can make and use your own electricity through solar.

Want to know more about how it works? Watch this video designed by Su-Kam’s R&D team to help you understand how solar DC system works:


  1. Su-Kam’s Solar DC Home Lighting System 120
  2. Su-Kam’s Solar panels– 12V

The DC system works completely on solar power, and takes no electricity from the mains. The DC system installed in Dinesh’s home runs a DC fan and a DC light and along with that a dish TV. The installation was a success and the system is working in perfect conditions as expected.


Mr. Ankit says ‘It feels great to see home’s located in such remote areas of our country lighting up by a product that is not very costly and easy to use. I have installed Su-Kam’s DC systems in their home couple of weeks back and seeing Dinesh and his wife satisfied with the product it feels great.

Here is a story of how a family located in a remote village in Punjab g 20x7 electricity by installing DC solar power system.

For further details please contact Su-Kam’s solar channel partner who did this installation

Ankit Singla (Hi-Tech Solar Solution)- 09888528747

Address of the Customer-

Mr. Dinesh Modi (Landlord)- 09417263136

V.P.O Ghallu


Dist- Faziika, on NH 10 Highway






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