Smile with Su-Kam!

Roti, Kapda aur Makaan… While these three remain the most basic essentials for a large population of India; in a growing economy, a fourth essential has been added to this list – Power! Be it a farmer in the rural hinterland, or a middle class store owner in a small town, or a well-heeled Indian CEO in Mumbai; all three need constant power & electricity equally. Su-Kam has had the foresight to understand this pressing need, and has developed a wide variety of power back-up products to suit every imaginable application, usage, size, and budget. For a power-deficient India, Su-Kam is putting smiles on a lot of peoples’ faces!

To Ram Kishan Mehta, Anish Mittal & Vishal Agarwal, all from Haryana, Su-Kam has ended their many many hours of darkness forever. With their power back-up fully restored, they can now focus on building their lives, prospering, and safeguarding their families’ futures.

It has been a similar journey from darkness to light for many other Su-Kam beneficiaries. Like Tapas Madal from Kolkata, Imran Rasol Shah from Srinagar and Rajesh Kumar from Bihar. Individuals & corporations alike, are back on their feet, performing optimally, thanks to Su-Kam power back-up solutions. Their productivity is up, their earnings are up, and hence, their spirits are up too!

Be it Mr. Meherbaan Ali from New Delhi, Mr. Siva Muthuirilappan from Tamil Nadu, or Mr. Sandeep Garg & Mr. Anubhav Vachher from Uttar Pradesh; Su-Kam’s products & the induced sense of well-being therefrom, has not escaped anyone or any part of India!

In a burgeoning economy that is India, Su-Kam’s role & significance has acquired an altogether higher importance. Providing a glorious nation the necessary impetus to go to the next level, and along the way, putting a million smiles on its customers faces!




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