Consumer Driven Su-Kam

It isn’t often that one finds a company constantly pushing the boundaries; boundaries of technology, innovation, and sheer inventiveness. It is rarer still, when all of this innovation is derived solely from one focus – customer convenience. Su-Kam is one brand that does just that. It isn’t enough for the company to have transformed the power back-up sector by producing a range of the best & most affordable home & office power back-up products. It isn’t sufficient for Su-Kam to have been the undisputed leader for over 10 years. And it isn’t the end of the journey for a brand, that only lives in the future.

Every day scientists and engineers at Su-Kam’s Research & Development centers are working tirelessly, developing, honing, testing, and putting out newer products, that make the lives of the brand’s consumers, a little bit easier & safer. A good example is the revolutionary Power Doc.

Welcome to freedom from power fluctuations! Driven by technology, the Power-Doc increases efficiency and acts as an insurance against power fluctuations, that could damage electrical appliances. The functionality of Power-Doc is to detect & protect electrical appliances against high voltage, low voltage, spikes, surges & frequency variation. Power-Doc enables a stabilized voltage supply to the connected electrical appliances, increasing its longevity and minimizing the risk of damage. Power-Doc is embedded with unique advanced features like Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS), Zero Power Consumption (ZPC) and Voltage Cut-Off Display (VCD). These advanced and basic functions are controlled by a Microprocessor Chip and On-Screen Display (OSD) technology.

Lakhs have experienced the benefits of these and more path-breaking products from Su-Kam. Mr. Gyan Rajput from Gwalior, Mr. Rajesh Manthia from Gurgaon, Mr. Ajit Sinharoy from Kolkata, Mr. Prakash Raut from Nagpur, Mr. Nitin Kumar from Chandausi, Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Rajinder Kumar from Ludhiana, Mr. Rakesh Gupta from Raipur in Chattishgarh, Mr. Ramkrishna Gudipati from Hyderabad and finally Mr. V R Nagaraj from Bangalore; all these Su-Kam customers, who have been using the brand’s inverters and other power back-up products for upwards of 2 years, are completely satisfied with their respective machines.

It’s this kind of sample consumer selection that proves Su-Kam’s consumer-driven focus, and that each product painstakingly developed by Su-Kam, is a customer favorite!




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