Testifying to Su-Kam

Customer testimonials are a company’s biggest proof of performance. Tall claims that various companies make can be accurately viewed through the lens of customer feedback, and stamping the seal of authenticity. And when it comes to feedback, it is both unanimous and prolific in favour of Su-Kam.

Let us look at one sample of Su-Kam customers who have testified to the brand’s quality. All these people have owned Su-Kam inverters, UPS systems and Batteries for varying lengths of time. What they have individually found, and together expressed, is a level of quality, reliability, economy, and performance. And this makes Su-Kam the number one power back-up products brand. Additionally, they also feel that Su-Kam’s service and technical support is prompt, courteous, efficient, and constant. The company makes not just machines, but also their ownership experience, as a whole, extremely satisfying.

Let’s meet some of these Su-Kam customers. From Faridabad, there is Mr. Naresh Kumar Mittal; from Bangalore, Mr. Atul Anand Saxena; from Durgapur, we have Dr. Subhrata Chatterjee; from Jaipur Mr. Vikas Sharma; from New Delhi, Mr. Mohammed Tazeem Ansariand from Navi Mumbai, we have Mr. Dinesh Kumar Singh; from Mohali, Mr. Kanwal Naini Singh; and from Jalandhar, Mr. Dalip Gupta.

 If you think these are the only Su-Kam customers that have given feedback, you’re completely wrong. This is a mere drop in the unending ocean of satisfied Su-Kam customers, who dot the entire Indian subcontinent. Just as Su-Kam has spread its products and goodwill all over the country, the company’s happy patrons have shared their wonderful Su-Kam experiences.

It’s a rarity – the number of people who testify to Su-Kam’s greatness, and it is a living proof of the good work Su-Kam is doing.

Contact information of the above mentioned customers:

Dr. Subrata Chatterjee: suburata432002@yahoo.co.in

Mr. Vikas Sharma: info@seetkamal.com

Mr. Mohammed Tazeem Ansari: G-156/1, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi.




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