A company’s product is as good as the potential consumer’s recollection of the significations associated with it, and capturing that elusive consumer-memory involves a thorough mastery of the visual medium in which the suitably attractive message is floated. In an age when public memory is fleetingly short, the advertising of products must be incisive and attention capturing. An important ingredient that goes into the creation of a good advertisement campaign is the form or design enveloping it. Virender’s primary function in Su-Kam Power Systems Limited is to ensure that his designs and other creative outlines in the visual domain attract the potential customer’s attention unequivocally. In this sense Virender’s task as an Assistant Manager – Marketing and Corporate Designs – is to establish first contact, as it were, with the Company’s cliental.


No Trojan Horse, this gift!: Virender being facilitated by the Company

Virender calls Kota his hometown and has been an active social worker throughout his stay there. He is still deeply involved in community service and believes in helping build infrastructure for education and healthcare of the marginalised. In this he does his bit unflinchingly. He credits his wife for supporting him in his passion for social service and contends that he inherits his sociable nature from his father, tall figure himself in the echelons of Rajasthan’s social habitat.

And hailing from the colourful state of Rajasthan, Virender argues that in some ways design and fine arts is in his DNA. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Jaipur University to further concretize his credentials. Virender started his career humbly enough – his first job was in a small advertising agency in Delhi’s Jhandewala area. His nature of work lit a scorching flame in him to work for a corporate concern in order to be able to extract more value for his talents. In January of 2010, he was hired by Su-Kam in a designing and printing profile after an arduous selection process involving multiple interviews at different levels. Once in the Company, Virender found a better outlet to give vent to his skill in designing.

Today as an Assistant Manager Virender handles the finalisation of design samples from the agencies hired by Su-Kam for the purpose. Thereafter, the designs thus approved are sent for printing and are finally employed for mass proliferation. Even though most of the Company’s design work is outsourced, the creative imprint of Virender and his team on the final output is unmistakable. Virender’s channel of work is mostly online and the authority for the final approval of designs rests with him.

Virender approaches his annual target in a mission-like manner. In the year 2012 he and his team had coined the term “Target 12 – in -12” as a war-cry and galvanising force for the design targets set for that year. By the end of 2012 the targets were duly met with additional time to spare! Similarly for the current year the team has come up with the rather self-explanatory logo of “Lakshya-18” with a pre-determined number of design targets set correspondingly for achievement. The design-target covers a wide gamut of creative work in the visual-print domain. It includes cover-designs and other themes.

On the personal front Virender is an eager participant in the socio-cultural and sports-themed events organised for by the Company. He believes that such events are a great platform for employees to unwind and socialise. It helps his, he informs us, to find a greater sense of fraternity and belonging within the workplace.


Mileage for the ages: Reminiscing outside his residence

Virender is an eternal optimist and believes that his diverse field of responsibilities – in design, advertising, DTP etc. affords him the courage to take every novel challenge by the horns. He aspires to incorporate more innovative ideas and patterns in his design-themed work and sees himself as more of an artist than a manager. He also contends that what Su-Kam has really taught his is a sense of professionalism that most artists lack; thereby failing to reconcile art with pragmatic needs of life. In this vain Virender feels that he’s blessed to be doing what he always wanted and that too in the right place. His story is thus about the convergence of artistic acumen and unflinching professionalism.



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