Diesel Generator Would Cost Us Rs. 20K/Month, So We Installed this Inverter Instead. Best Decision Ever!

Mr. Puneet is the site officer of a company called ‘Oracle Textile Industry’. A new branch of this company was being constructed here in Gujarat. And this construction site required a power backup system to run their load. Now they had two options—to install an inverter power backup system or to install a traditional diesel generator.

Puneet then approached his nearby distributor, Mr. Soni who suggested him to install an inverter backup system without a doubt for his site. Here is what he explained to Puneet.

How much can a diesel generator cost you?

A new study by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has found that cost of power generation from a DG set, including the capital cost, is Rs 27-33 per unit as compared to power generated from the electricity grid supply, that is currently rupees 5.2 per unit in Gujarat.

Let us understand the real cost difference if Punnet had bought an 8 KW diesel generator instead of a power inverter.

First, we need to understand how much load will run on this 8 KW generator. Puneet needs to run approximately 3.5 KW of the load. That is approximately half the load that this generator can take.

A typical diesel generator running at 1/2th load will consume 1.2 liters of diesel per hour on an average. See this table for more details—

Size of generator 1/4th LOAD 1/2th LOAD 3/4th LOAD FULL LOAD
8 KW 0.9 Liters/Hour 1.2 Liters/Hour 1.7 Liters/Hour 2.1 Liters/Hour

Now we need to calculate the number of hours that the generator runs for typically in one day. So since the construction goes on from 8 AM to 6 PM, it is safe to assume that the generator runs for 10 hours every day.

Therefore, 1.2 liters * 10 = 12 liters per day.

The cost of diesel in Gujarat is Rs. 60.5. So Puneet would be paying Rs. 726 (46.8 * 60.5) every day on diesel expenses. On calculating his expenses for a month, we found it to be Rs. 21,780.

And this is just the analysis of the cost difference. How else can opting for a DG set instead of a battery backup system be harmful?

Harmful exhaust from diesel generators and its adverse effects

In the past couple of months, air pollution in India is at an all-time high. The worst factor in air pollution is soot, which is generated from diesel generators/vehicles.

NOx (NOx is a generic term for the mono-nitrogen oxides NO and NO2 (nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide) are produced from the reaction of nitrogen, oxygen. NOx reacts with moisture in the air to form nitric acid which is inhaled deep into the lungs. The toxic soot is the number one cause of increasing risk of cancer worldwide. It is known that a standby diesel generator produces around 11 to 13 Kgs of Nitrogen Oxides per Mega Hour of power generated. And this is just one generator we are talking about, as compared to zero pollution generated from an inverter backup system.

And so Puneet decided to install the following—

Technical Specifications:

  1. Su-Kam Fusion – 5KVA/48V
  2. Battery – 150AH – 4


Load running and units generated

This backup system runs about 2000 W of load that includes DC emergency lights and one or two street lights that are located on the premises of the company.

The installation was a success and Mr. Puneet is pleased with the outcome.

Mr. Soni says, ‘Mr. Puneet approached us to install a power backup system at this construction site where a brand of this company was about to be constructed. They required a power backup system to run their appliances while the construction was in process. They will also be running sensitive appliances on this system which is why we gave them Su-Kam’s Fusion commercial UPS designed to run sensitive appliances.’

We wish Mr. Puneet and his company all the best and hope to be of service to them in future.

To understand how Fusion commercial UPS works, please watch this video:

To understand how an off-grid solar system works, please watch this video:

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For further details, please contact—

Mr. Soni Kaushik (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor) – 09687608310

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Contact the customer on the following address—

Puneet Marwa (Site officer) – 09998217928

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