Discovery channel to air a documentary based on ‘solar revolution’ in India

For years, humans have exploited nearly all non-renewable sources for energy generation. So much so that some of the sources are actually on the verge of extinction and therefore, a time is expected to come when there won’t be any such source remaining for the use by future generation.

sukam documentary

Documentary based on Su-Kam ’s role in bringing solar revolution:

The documentary to be aired by Discovery Channel is about the ‘Solar Revolution’ that Su-Kam is bringing in India. Su-Kam’s role has always been dynamic in this direction. It has touched many lives in the process of generating revolutionary solar products. Su-Kam has been a pioneer when it comes to innovative, efficient, and value-for-money products.

The documentary highlights three solar projects undertaken by Su-Kam in different parts of India. It delves into the lives of the people of that region and showcases the dramatic changes solar energy has brought into their lives. From places where there was no electricity to an educational institute that is now saving huge amounts of money – Su-Kam has brought smiles everywhere.

sukam documentary

  • First up is Uttar Pradesh. Here, Su-Kam DC Home Lighting System has been installed in two remote villages of Bareilly who were earlier looming in darkness. Now, these villages are getting uninterrupted power supply as the electricity is being generated through sun.

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  • The next solar project is in the remote villages of Tripura. Earlier, hospitals in Tripura were delivering babies in candlelight but now with the off-grid solar power system installed at hospitals in Tripura, the situation is much better now.

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  • Su-Kam also ventured to urban India with a solar project at Punjab Engineering College in Chandigarh. Here, 1 MW solar power plant is installed in line with CREST’s (Chandigarh Renewable Energy Science and Technology Promotion Society) master plan to make Chandigarh a solar city through their ‘solar city programme’.

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sukam documentary

Su-Kam’s backbone: Research and Development Unit

Su-Kam prides itself in being a market leader in innovation – leaving no stones unturned in achieving this feat. In this direction, Su-Kam also has a dedicated R & D unit as well. The high standards of R&D at Su-Kam has been recognized and appreciated by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Govt. of India . Thus, this unit is the backbone of Su-Kam and is responsible for developing great innovative products.

The documentary will premiere on 7th November 2015, 7 pm on Discovery Channel and 8 pm on Discovery Science. The repeat telecast will be aired on 15th Nov. Watch the promo here:

Su-Kam would like to thank Theka for putting together this documentary. Theka is an agency that works towards advertising, television, events, digital and films. They travelled to all these remote places and worked for months on the documentary. In the initial stages they faced a lot of glitches with permissions and everything with the authorities.



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