Do You Know About This Solar Powered Bio-gas Plant in Delhi? Two Renewables Working Together

A bio-gas plant located in Kishanganj, railway station, Karol Bagh, New Delhi recently turned to solar to run their motors that convert burnt and fertilized bio-gas substrate into electricity and heat. Previously the bio-gas motors were running on grid supply and fetched a good monthly electricity bill of 10,000. It was decided that the motors should be run through solar power so that sufficient power back up is available with zero utilization of mains supply.



For this installation the biogas plant contacted Mr. Sahil Singhal, owner of Green Vidyut (Service provider, distributor, supplier of solar panels and solar power systems). Mr. Sahil then suggested for Su-Kam’s solar power system to be installed in the bio-gas plant. For this installation Mr. Sahil contacted Mr. Rajinder from KS Distribution. He advised for the following system to be installed-


  1. Su-Kam Solar PCU– 5KW
  2. Su-Kam Batteries 150AH (8 in batteries)
  3. Su-Kam solar panels– 3KW (250W/24v-12 In number)



The system is expected to generate 12 to 15 units per day according to weather conditions. The system will run two motors single phase 1HP each. There is no grid connection in this system. Both the motors run on free solar power!

Mr. Rajinder says ‘We installed 12 solar panels to make a 3KW system to run both the motors. The solar system will provide enough back up to last the day. Su-Kam’s solar PCU with inbuilt PWM solar charge controller is perfect to run the motors as they will efficiently charge batteries through solar power generated from solar panels’.


The installation was a major success and the system is working perfectly. With the Indian government taking such keen interest in turning solar it is important to take a minute and understand the benefits of solar.

To understand how a solar system works, watch this video:

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For further information about this installation, please contact Su-Kam’s Solar Channel Partners:

Mr. Sahil Singhal (Owner, Green Vidyut)- 09910527169

No. D1/C, 23A

Janakpuri, New Delhi 110058

Mr. Rajinder(KS Distribution)- 08506086069

Wz-12a Bhagwan-Dass Nagar Extn.

East Punjab Bagh, near metro pillar No. 67

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