Don’t buy UPS for computers. Your home inverter can run IT Load. Here’s how!

Did you know that when the electricity in your house is not available or when there is a power cut in your area, your inverter takes a couple of minutes to get to inverter mode? These couple of minutes can be quite a pain making this normal inverter sitting in your home not suitable enough to run the IT load in your house like personal computers, printers or modems.

But how do couple of minutes matter? And what exactly is a UPS? Why is it suitable for sensitive devices? Why is a normal inverter not enough? Find answers to these questions and a lot more in this blog!

The quickest and simplest way to understand how your home inverter can work as a UPS, is to watch this short video:


Well when the electricity suddenly goes off so will your computer, your modem and for that matter all appliances running on electricity. But when your computer or these digital devices suddenly shut down, wouldn’t you lose all the data you were working on? These devices need to be rebooted in case they shut down prematurely which is a lengthy process not to mention the data you have lost!

In a normal inverter the change over time from mains mode (that is when mains supply is available) to inverter mode (when your load is running from batteries) is quite large as compared to a UPS. And that is the main reason why a normal inverter is not suitable to run IT load.


Here is where a UPS comes into the picture. UPS means uninterrupted power supply. As the name suggests a UPS essentially has minimum mains to inverter change over time approximately 1 millisecond.

why is falcon plus the right fit for your home?

Keeping in mind the problem of running IT loads at home Su-Kam came up with a brand new Home UPS. This UPS can work as an inverter and also as a UPS as per your convenience.

an inverter that is compatible with any battery size

Did you know that this is the first UPS that has ever been created to work both as an inverter and a UPS and now you have the power to control it!

falcon plus efficiently runs your IT load as well as your normal home appliances


Su-Kam’s new product Falcon+ is an intelligent home UPS. This UPS can run any kind of load easily. With the dip switch provided in the back panel, you can choose to run Falcon+ on UPS mode or Wide UPS mode. UPS mode is to run your sensitive computers, modems etc and for running any other home appliance like bulbs, tube lights or fans etc you can select Wide UPS mode.

running 7 computers is not a trouble any more with falcon plus

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