Don’t take our word for it!!

A brand may enter the market with a bang, but to grow and sustain, it needs to prove itself over and over again. Su-Kam is a brand that has done it continuously, but don’t take our word for it! Su-Kam’s customers depend on the brand to provide reliable, useful products and exceptional customer service to make unpleasant power cuts a thing of the past. Su-Kam, in turn, does its best to meet and exceed their high standards. And many happy customers prove that. And these happy customers, in turn are creating a ripple effect!

Kumar Diptanshu from Chapra in Bihar is one such person. He started using the inverter on recommendation of his friends and family. They had assured him a world-class product and that’s exactly what he got.

Su-Kam not only creates new benchmarks for itself, but its customer’s high standards also drive the company to their best. It’s a tough reputation to live up to, but we are proud of it!

In the city of Jalandhar in Punjab, Mr. Ramesh Kumar has been a proud owner of a Su-Kam inverter for the past 5 months. In all this time, he has been very happy and satisfied with the product, and he thanks his friends for recommending the inverter to him. The same goes for Sachin Kumar Tomar in New Delhi. He has been a customer for much longer. In fact, he has been a happy customer for 3 years! His brother had a good experience with his inverter and Tomar bought it following his recommendation. Needless to say, he is happy with the product and services.

Close to Delhi, in Gurgaon, is Mr. Sasikanth Adiraju. He also heard many good things about Su-Kam products by word of mouth. His friends were happy with their Su-Kam products and currently, Sasikanth is a proud owner of a Su-Kam inverter and battery.

Su-Kam, as a company, was built on thinking out of the box. Ideas and innovations have brought it so far, and its customers are taking it even farther. Speaking of innovation, Anil Kumar from Sullurpeta did not buy his inverter on someone’s recommendation, but an associate went so far as to gift him one! Well, it has been a wonderful 1 year for him and his inverter!

It is a gift like no other. Recommending Su-Kam is like gifting power! The power to be free from electricity cuts, the power to own a good product, the power that comes from being a member of the Su-Kam family. But remember…Don’t take our word for it!




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