Growing Su-Kam family

Su-Kam has led the inverter revolution in India. When people were using crude, unreliable inverters, it was Su-Kam that modernized the inverter, organized the sector, and made available a new breed of products to the country. But that was a decade ago. Today, a horde of Indian & international brands have jumped into the fray. But despite the multinational competition, Su-Kam remains the number 1 choice for power back-up! How does one know this…by the sheer number of recent adopters of the brand, who swear that they can’t use anything but a Su-Kam!

Chetan Neelamangala from Bangalore, and Maitry Roy Moulik from Kolkata have both been using their respective Su-Kam inverters for 1 to 2 years and love it. People like them refuse to consider any other brand. They invest in Su-Kam products, thus giving the company a resounding vote of confidence in the process.

Countless new users have come into the Su-Kam fold as recently as 2 to 6 months. Be it inverters or UPS systems for their homes or offices, a new segment of customers has awakened to the many attributes of Su-Kam products. Arvind Kumar from Chandigarh & Vinod Kumar from New Delhi have been using Su-Kam for 6 months, and they credit their choice to the good status Su-Kam has in the market. Debashish Dutta from Kolkata, Sanjeev Jha from Faridabad, Tuhin Dutt from Bhubaneshwar, Gulshan Prabhakar from Punjab; all were suggested Su-Kam by their respective markets and they are pleased with the economical & strong performance of their products.

Also, D Bose & Santosh Toppo, both from Kolkata, have only been using their Su-Kam products for 2-3 months. They are already loving it and say that their experience could not possibly get any better. While Jainarayan Sharma from Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan & Abhinash Kumar from New Delhi have had their Su-Kam products for about 2 years and they feel like they’ve always been part of the Su-Kam family.

Everyday, more & more people are realizing the strengths of Su-Kam’s amazing power back-up solutions, and literally lining up to buy the brand’s products. From a customer-base that already consisted of lacs of people, it continues to increase at an amazing rate, to make for the ever-growing Su-Kam family!




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