Naturally Su-Kam

The world is grappling with environmental damage & degradation. The planet is in harm’s way and human beings are primarily to blame. The ill effects of environmental change are being felt by us, and they are poised to increase steadily as time goes on. At the same time, there is a severe paucity of power in a country like India. On the one hand there are environmental problems, and on the other, a deficit in something like power, which is immediately associated with more pollution & environmental damage. It’s a catch 22 situation.

But Su-Kam is one company, that is well on its way to enlightening the world with power back-up, that too without harming the natural world! How? By using clean, natural ways and harnessing cutting-edge technologies to produce power back-up products. One look at their solar products and it is clear. Solar energy offers the best alternative energy solution. The freely and abundantly available light from the sun can be utilized as Photovoltaic Energy or Heat (Thermal) Energy through special devices, developed and manufactured by sophisticated and high technology processes. Solar Inverters are cost effective and easy to install. It has potential to cater the growing needs of the power.

The result, solar products that are as clean as they are effective. With a constant & healthy investment in cutting edge Research & Development, Su-Kam is spearheading the movement of clean power back-up products; an endeavor that has found favor with a lot of people over the years. These, and their other already clean inverters, batteries & UPS systems have been used by customers throughout the country, and there is a huge group of loyal Su-Kam patrons, that swears by the brand.

For example, Mr. Harikumar Nambuthiri from Pune, who has been using his Su-Kam inverter for many years now, and it has worked perfectly, efficiently and reliably through the time he has had it. He is completely satisfied with its performance. Not only was it inexpensive to buy, it is frugal to run and is clean & non-polluting. He’s simply in love with it. Like him, there are many who have patronized Su-Kam.

Mr. Yogesh Wani from Kalyan in Maharashtra, Mr. Nitin Jain from Ghaziabad & Mr. Sameer Qazi from Sahibabad in Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Vasudev Agarwal from Kolkata, Mr. Munish Jain from Nabha in Punjab and Mr. Surinder Pannu & Mr. Vinay Mehta from Hissar & Bhiwani in Haryana respectively. A small, but potent example of the widespread patronage Su-Kam enjoys!

When it comes to power back-up, it is naturally Su-Kam!




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