Su-Kam provides eternal electricity!

For a lot of us Indians, constant electricity is a piped dream. Whether we live in small towns or in large cities, we are often subject to power cuts. Be it insufficient infrastructure or government-induced power-conservation, especially in the warmer months of the year, chances are that electricity is not perennially available for most Indians.

Reprieve however, is at hand. In fact, it has been for over 10 years now. Ever since the advent of Su-Kam, there is a real, viable and completely dependable solution to constant power. So healed are the lives of Su-Kam customers, that they have themselves become the brand’s most verbal spokespersons. And this is what they have to say…

From Delhi, there are Mr. J P Gupta & Mr. Sonal Bharadwaj; and in their combined Su-Kam usage of 3 years, they say that their lives have been touched and blessed, thanks to Su-Kam. Mr. Rajat Gupta & Mr. Ajay Rana from Uttar Pradesh share similar feelings. They have been using Su-Kam inverters for a number of years. And the quality of their home-lives and the productivity of their respective businesses, has undergone a sea-change!

Dr. Prasanna V Dhanan from Tamil Nadu bought his Su-Kam inverter because his brother suggested it to him. And ever since, he admits it’s the best advice his brother ever gave him! Like Dr. Prasanna, Mr. Saikat Kundu from Kolkata also became a Su-Kam patron, thanks to his friends & relatives urging him to buy the brand. He has constant power now and is extremely happy.

In a lot of ways, then, Su-Kam has emerged as an agent for social integrity. The company, through its products, has bound the diverse Indian diaspora into a cohesive Su-Kam customer base. This is reflected in the varying ethnicity of Su-Kam consumers. On the one hand, there is Mr. Pankaj Dhoke from Kalyan in Maharashtra and on the other, there is someone like Mr. Hiriyanna Aithal from Karnataka, as also a Mr. Baldev Gulati from Punjab!

But perhaps the most striking attribute of Su-Kam products is their sheer longevity. Traders & consumers, alike, have acknowledged that the technology & manufacturing integrity of Su-Kam machines ensures that they just go on & on. Mr. Harmeet Singh from Jalandhar is a worthy example of Su-Kam products’ robust nature. He has been using his Su-Kam inverter for 10 years now and still going strong!

With Su-Kam, not only is there Eternal Electricity, but also Eternal Happiness!




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