Employee Testimonials!

“I have grown up at Su-Kam is what I can say. It started as my first job after my MBA.

I joined here as a raw youngster, and the kind of exposure I have received has been phenomenal and has helped me mould myself into a well-rounded professional.

I have learned several aspects of marketing and sales here. I can proudly say that I work for an organization that is truly innovative, gives you the freedom to work and awards good work done by its employee.

One small example of this is that is joined Su-Kam as a Senior Executive and am currently the Product Manager of Su-Kam Baterries all this within three and a half years.

The milestones of my journey thus far have been varied and many, but laurels have always come at the end of work well done!  – Puneet Chhabra.                                                                                             



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