Engineering Students Convince the Head to Run College on Solar. What if All Students Were Like Them?

Students are the builders of tomorrow’s nation and this story is a proof of that. ‘Government College of Engineering, Jalgaon’ in Maharastra recently decided to go solar. Senior students of this college took up a new project to solarize their college and reduce massive expenditures of the college on electricity bills. Such an inspirational story!


The area where this college is located, Ramandnagar experiences massive amounts of power cuts so they had to install a diesel generator to keep up with the college’s power requirements. According to the studies done by the students, the college spends a massive 3.5Lakh on electricity bills monthly (Yes you read that right) and their aim was to reduce this amount next to zero.


The only way was to ‘solarize’ the entire college. Starting from HOD cabins to libraries to classrooms and the college canteen, you know the drill. These brave students didn’t think twice and decided to take their very first step to solarize their college. A small, but significant start.


It was then that the students decided to contact Su-Kam’s authorized distributer Mr. Chandarshekar Mahajan from Sudarshan solar system agency to solarize their HOD cabin. After accessing the load requirements and power back up needed, Mr. Chandarshekar advised for the following system to be installed-


  1. Su-Kam’s solar panels– 250W/24V (1KW-4 in number)
  2. Su-Kam’s solar PCU– 1KW/24V
  3. Su-Kam’s PWM solar charge controller– 24V
  4. Su-Kam’s Batteries– 180AH (2 in number)



This solar system will be running the following load in the Head of Department’s cabin:

  1. Fans- 2 in number
  2. Tubelights- 4 in number
  3. PC- 1 in number
  4. Printer- 1 in number


The system is expected to generate approximately 5 units of electricity every day according to the weather conditions and will be able to run the entire load in that cabin. Mr. Chandarshekar says ‘It is a privilege to be a part of such inspirational initiatives taken up by students. The college is spread over a massive area of approximately 10 to 15 acre and has a huge amount of power requirement. Utilizing the mains and diesel generator has been an expensive option and it is highly recommended that the college makes solar as their primary source of energy’

We at Su-Kam feel proud to see students in India taking up such inspirational initiatives and driving the nation to become a green nation. We wish Government College of Engineering Jalgaon all the best for their future endeavors with solar!

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For further information please contact Su-Kam’s solar channel partner:

Mr. Chandarshekar Mahajan (Su-Kam’s authorized distributer)- 09766001021

Contact the college at-

Government College of Engineering, Jalgoan- 02572281522

Opp. Government ITI, NH6

Ramanand Nagar, Jalgaon

Maharashtra- 425001

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