Family Goes Solar in Sirsa to Save Rs. 12,000 per month. Here’s How:

Haryana, a state in northern India receives massive amount of sunlight at this time of the year. Number of daylight hours being approximately 13 hours in peak summers. The Haryana Renewable Energy Department Association (HREDA) has taken the SPV (Solar Photo-voltaic) initiative so that maximum number of people can find it easy to use the abundant and free solar power by installing solar power plants in their homes. According to this initiative costs of solar systems have been reduced substantially due to which a large number of people are opting to go solar this year.


Here is a story about a family of 9 members staying in a village in Sirsa, Haryana who completely got rid of their monthly electricity bill of 12000 per month!


Why They Decided to go Solar?

Mr. Harsh Mehta a landlord in village Panjuana, was tired of paying a lump sum of 12000 rps monthly electricity bill. His village located in Sirsa district received electricity for only 11 hours in a day after sunset. During the day there was no electricity and they were forced to use a diesel Genset to run their appliances that ended up making a deep hole in his pocket.

Mr. Harsh Mehta says ‘Villages in India have extreme power cuts because of which we suffer in the hot climate so we had to opt for diesel gensets. But they were very expensive with a cost of 12000 in a month. My dad suggested that we should go in for Su-Kam’s solar powered plant that would run our load throughout the day. We knew the intial cost would be a lot but it would be recovered soon and then we wouldn’t have to worry about paying this large amount every month on diesel gensets.’

He wanted to install a solar system in his home and get run his household load through solar power. And so he called our trusted distributor of Harsh Electronics located near Railway Road, Hisar after seeing their add in the newspaper, to help him get the perfect solar system fit to run all his load and appliances for the entire day.


Technical Specifications

Mr. Lalit Goyal of Harsh Electronics advised him to install the following:

  1. Su-Kam 3.5KVA/48V Fusion Series
  2. Su-Kam PWM Solar Charge Controller – 48V/45 amp
  3. Su-Kam Tall Tubular 150AH batteries – 4 in number
  4. Su-Kam 2.5KVA/48V solar panels – 10 In number

During the day these solar panels convert sun rays into DC power which then passes through the solar charge controller. The PWM SCC charges the battery through controller DC power coming from solar panels and stores this electricity during the day in the batteries to be used at night. The rest of the power is used to run the load through Su-Kam’s fusion series commercial UPS that converts DC to AC. The Fusion UPS is one Su-Kam’s best commercial UPS that gives a pure sine wave that is cleaner than AC supply coming from grid. Because of this feature appliances connected to the fusion UPS stay safe and protected.

Mr. Lalit Goyal says, ‘We suggested a 3.5KVA/48V UPS so that all of their household load could be run easily on solar power. The 10 solar panels were approximately 1.25 Lakh, Fusion UPS was 17800 Rps, the 4 batteries were approximately 45000, and the solar charge controller was 4500 Rps along with installation and solar panel stand charges.’


Initial Investment and Savings

After the entire installation, they are now running a refrigerator, three coolers, two TVs, five fans and tube lights in their home for the entire day on free solar power. This installation cost was approximtely 2.6 Lakhs. Since they paid a monthly electricity bill of 12000 which is 1 Lakh 44000 Rps in a year the entire investment on their solar system would be recovered in a span of 2 years. After that their entire household load would run on free solar power!

Please contact Lalit Goyal of Harsh Electronics on – 09599035315. Visit to buy Su-Kam’s solar products.



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