Farmer Uses His Savings to Go Solar in Sirsa, Haryana. He Was Facing 20 Hours of Powercuts Daily

Recently a village located in District Sirsa recently saw light in their house after almost 3 years of complete darkness. Su-Kam’s authorized distributer Mr. Lalit Goyal from Harsh Electronics Sirsa installed this solar system after being contacted by Mr. Shri Sardar Darshan Singh through a newspaper ad. Here is their solar story-


Darshan Singh, a farmer living with his family of 12 members struggled with the dearth of electricity and light. It had been 3 long painful years since Sardar Darshan Singh and his family had not seen electricity in their house. They planned their day till the sun shone in the sky. With sunset they wrapped up their daily chores and called it a day. It was after many years that Darshan Singh decided that he and his family had enough. They worked hard and gathered up the finances to install a solar system in their home to finally live a complete life.


For this installation they called up Su-Kam’s authorized distributer Mr. Lalit to help choose the best system for their home. After a site inspection and understanding their load running requirements Mr. Lalit advised for the following system to be installed in their home-


  1. Su-Kam Fusion Solar Inverter– 3.5KVA/48V
  2. Su-Kam Solar batteries– 150AH/12V (4 in number)
  3. Su-Kam Solar Charge controller(PWM)- 48V/45Amp
  4. Su-Kam Solar Panels 1200W(100W – 12 in number)



The system is expected to generate approximately 5 units of electricity everyday as per weather conditions. The solar system will run the following load-

  1. Fridge- 1 in number
  2. Cooler- 1 in number
  3. Fans- 2 in number
  4. Tubelights- 2 in number


The system installation was a major success and it runs his entire home load comfortable providing a good back up for the night. Mr. Lalit says ‘We have installed solar batteries with the system that will provide enough back up to run their load. Su-Kam’s Fusion pure sine wave commercial UPS is perfect for their family and will run their appliances smoothly. Mr. Darshan singh and his family will face no problem with the installation’

Sardar Darshan Singh and his family were all smiles after the installation. They will finally be able to see light in their home after so many years. They are happy and so are we.

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Su-Kam’s Channel Partner Who Did This Installation:

Mr. Latil Goyal (Harsh Electronics)- 09896588388

Contact the customer-

Sardar Darshan Singh-9466481591

Near Village Jagmalwani

District Sirsa


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