Mr. Kunwer Sachdev invited as a co-panelist for a discussion with Noted Management Guru – Mr. Philip Kotler


The world renowned Management Guru, Mr. Philip Kotler was in Gurgaon for a Certified Training Program organized by the JRE Group recently.  After the training, a panel discussion co-partnered by NDTV was organized at the venue. The question in discussion was – Is the CMO the next CEO? The other participants were CEOs of Cannon, Xerox, Havells, Yum Restaurants; the moderator for the discussion was Shweta Rajpal Kohli a journalist of NDTV.

As always, a discussion with such a learned gathering was very enlightening, but the best part is something else. What delighted us the most was that the new management fundas that Mr. Kotler pointed out during the discussion were the ones that we at Su-Kam are already implementing or soon plan to implement with the vision and guidance of our very own Management Guru – Mr. Kunwer Sachdev.

At the start of the show Mr. Kotler was asked about the 5th P of Marketing in addition to the earlier four being Product, Promotion, Pricing and Place. Now it so happens that earlier during the day Mr. Sachdev in a meeting happened to lay a lot of emphasis on Public Relations, co incidence, could be.

Going back to the discussion the contribution to the P’s was made by Mr. Sandeep Kataria, he added a 6th P which was People. He said that it was important in his industry for the People to be able to live the brand, does it not sound familiar. Considering your employees as an organization’s first customer.  A point that is time and again emphasized on by our MD and followed up in actions as well by our organization.

Mr. Sachdev while sharing his experience talked of himself as a continuous learner who had experimented on the job and learnt the things that he now knows. He said that at the beginning he thought a good product would suffice, then he changed his thought to technology but now all these years down the line he felt that product and technology are important but the most important are the people in an organization.

In the closing address Mr. Kotler said that it was of prime importance to be customer driving and not the other way round. This did ring a bell in my head as I recalled a quote by our MD-‘I want to drive the market- I don’t want to be driven by it.’ This made me feel even though I may never again get a chance to attend a session of Mr. Kotler but I needn’t worry because at Su-Kam we have a management guru providing firsthand knowledge with experience to us!




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