Frequent Power cuts Made Shillong Tourism Install Solar Lights. Here’s Why It’s Proving to be a Good Decision

Why Was Did the Tourism Department of Shillong Opt for Solar?

Mr. Daniel is located in Shillong and as a recently turned authorized distributor he has been excited about the new benefits of solar power. Within his one month of business with solar, he got involved in a massive government project of solarizing a lake resort that comes under the Tourism Department of Shillong.

Shillong is the capital of the Indian state of Meghalaya. This area had inefficient power supply and it hampered the daily functioning of the resort. It became a necessity to install a standalone independent solar system as well as solar street lights in that area since the area would be covered in darkness as soon as the sun set.

This resort has over 5 rooms that has lights and fans that require electricity as well as kitchen area and garden lights. Along with that, this lake resort also has 30 street lights that have been previously installed but due to the issue of lack of electricity availability in the area, they were almost redundant and therefore not maintained well.


So the Tourism department decided it was time for them to go solar. They then contacted Mr. Daniel, located in Shillong and asked him to advise them on how to turn this into a solar lake resort.

So Daniel decided to have 2 solar inverters that would run the light load of the lake house and also run the previously installed 30 street lights on solar power. Other than that, Daniel also advised them to install 15 solar street lights in that area that would properly light up the entire area surrounding that resort.


Technical Specifications of Solar Street Light:


  1. Solar street light ‘SUNWAY’ – 15W – 15 in number
  2. Solar panels in built in the street light – 35W
  3. Lithium Ion batteries – 14.8V/5.2AH
  4. Light output in Lumens -1100
  5. Solar charge controller – Internal


Technical Specifications of Solar Inverters:

  1. Su-Kam solar PCU – 2KW (2 in number)
  2. Su-kam solar panels – 1.8KW + 2KW
  3. Su-kam Batteries – 150AH/12V – 8 + 8 in number


Life After Solar Street Lights in Nagaland

After the installation, we had a candid conversation with Mr. Daniel.

He says, ‘We have installed 2 solar power conditioning units in this lake resort that will run the load of the resort along with the previously installed street lights that will run through grid as well as solar power. Some previously installed solar street lights were completely redundant due to lack of maintenance over the years that is why we have installed 15 new solar street lights. The Tourism department is very happy with the solar installation and have given a positive feedback for su-kam and its products. After my first successful project, I feel proud and honoured to be a part of Su-Kam.’


Let us understand how a solar street light works –

How A Solar Street Light Works?

Su-Kam’s solar outdoor streetlight ‘SUNWAY’ comes in three models. LI1(4W), LI2(9W) and LI3(15W) with lithium ion batteries and 30W/60W/80W with lead acid batteries. The LI3 model gives 31lux from 4 meters and provides excellent lighting for outdoor solutions like farms, small streets etc. These street lights have been designed to provide 30 to 50% more brightness as compared to other solar street light and within built light weight and maintenance free lithium ion batteries. This standalone street light consists of a pole, battery bank, solar panel and LED or CFL lights. During the day the solar panels convert the sunlight into electricity and stores it in batteries and during the night the street lights provides light by taking energy from the power stored in batteries.

If you want to learn how does a solar street light works, watch this interesting video –

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For further details, please contact –

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Mr. Khushant Upal – 09849016280



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