Su-kam – The best choice

It was a lucky day when I decided to buy a Su-Kam inverter for my home. I stay in a place where there are frequent power cuts; but thanks to Su-Kam, my life has become more convenient and the nuisances caused by power-cuts have become a thing of the past. I have been a Su-Kam customer for the last ten years and my association with the company has done me a lot of good. Life has definitely become easier without the threat of powercuts looming over our heads.

An organisation is known by its leader. Mr Kunwer Sachdev, CMD of Su-Kam is a dynamic personality and a visionary, with an ability to gauge great opportunities and future trends. He is, above all, a great human being. This fact is fully known to me as we are friends. Thus, when it came to buying an inverter for my home, Su-Kam was my natural choice. I was sure that it would be a good decision and my experience has proved my instincts right.

I am a happy man since I brought home a Su-Kam inverter. Great product, excellent service and a wide product range make Su-Kam the market leader that it is. I would definitely recommend Su-Kam to everyone thinking of buying any kind of power backup solution for their homes and offices.

– Amitabh Baxi, Ghaziabad




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