From Rs 36,000 to a 0 fuel bill: How a petrol pump replaced genset with solar

What happens when the fuel energy dispensing centers are themselves in loss of energy to operate?

Petrol pumps in remote areas lose fair amount of business owing to being located where grid electricity is available for few hours or not available at all. The pump owners resorting to diesel generators end up losing a major portion of their earnings on powering the generator. With a fair amount of toxic fumes generated from the generators, they unknowingly contribute to air pollution and bring down hell for their employees who suffer from respiratory disorders within a brief time span of their work.AiZkYbCxVytxXJC6p8bK-PGvjUhWHZqiKLJk4XoSwBGQ

How Solar Power System is better than Using Gensets

Solar power systems not only provide enough power that helps in efficiently operating fuel guns and office equipment but are also a much economic and environmentally sustainable solution. So here is the story of a petrol pump situated in Rajasthan, adjacent to Sam Kisan Sewa Kendra in the district of Sirsa that is now saving approximately Rs. 36,000 per month with one wise decision taken in November 2014.

Channel partner with Su-kam in this area, Mr. Lalit Goyal came to rescue when the petrol pump was burdened with the exorbitant consumption of diesel by genset generators.

“I offered them a cost effective solution of installing off-grid solar panels to reduce dependency on the diesel generator set, thus increasing profits by reducing operational and fuel costs,” informed Mr. Goyal.


Technical specification of the solar installation:

5kv/96 V solar inverters with 3KW solar panels were installed

Energy generated gets stored in eight Table Tabular batteries of 150AH/12 volts

12 PV solar panels of 250 watts have been used with 96v/60amp charge controller

The cost of the system including the installation amounted to Rs. 3,80,000. Mr. Vijay Punia, the manager of the petrol pump said, “The pump has been in operation for the last three years. Although the sales were fair, hefty fuel bill and maintenance cost of the genset used to drain us. Since we started using solar power, the bill has been reduced to half when we are running four fuel dispensing machines and all the unit lights uninterrupted 24*7.”

By saving Rs. 1200 per day, the petrol pump will recover the installation costs by August 2015 i.e. in less than a year and enjoy free solar electricity from the next month. AntOvuBUqmgX66tI1fO2W85pBfsHxytlyaqZ0NKAtxbb

How Toxic Are Generators?

Generator fume is well known to be hazardous to environment around. The generators use compressor to ignite the fuel and the by-product formed is a mixture of toxic gases (mostly carbon dioxide, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide). Excessive short term inhalation to such fumes can lead to dizziness, drowsiness, high blood pressure, loss of co-ordination, nausea asphyxiation and kidney damage in long run to the employees of the petrol pump. Solar power package solution however is sans any gas emit or leave any residues, thereby contributing to a greener environment and reducing one’s carbon footprint.

Do away with Gensets, Switch to Solar

For speedy installation of solar power setup in the areas near by Rajasthan and Haryana, dial 0989588388 and get free solar consultation from Mr. Goyal. You can also reach us on 1800-102-7555.

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