Fun and Learning at Su-Kam’s Manufacturing Unit

The staff at Su-Kam’s manufacturing unit in Baddi, Himanchal Pradesh had a wonderful training programme that was not only full of learning but also a lot of fun. It was an experience that they will probably never forget for a long time to come.

The training titled ‘Secrets for Success’ was a super powerful program on creating winning personality, team building and time management.

The training dwelled upon these topics:

1. Build a Powerful Personality to Win the World

2. Develop a Desire to Win – A Winning Attitude

3. Learn Time Management – Tricks & Tools

4. Learn Practical Ideas to Enhance Teamwork

Learning becomes so much fun with games and activities

Each of these topics was touched upon and made even more endearing with the help of

  • Activities

  • Self-introspection

  • Motivational videos and

  • Interactive sessions.

The facilitator highlighted the positives attribute and learning’s from the activities and further related them to workplace application.

MD Kunwer Sachdeva met the participants and gave them an important lesson

The participants got a surprise visit from the MD Mr Kunwer Sachdev himself, who was in Chandigarh for some work. He spent time with the staff and also gave a stimulating speech on helping the junior staff at work hone their skills. He said that it was the duty and responsibility of everyone present at the venue to support their juniors and work.

The learning from the training is something that one can find useful and implement at all times in his/her life. Everyone found the training extremely useful. It was also a good opportunity to bond with their colleagues.

Read what some of the participants had to say:

Amit Bansal, AGM QA

What I found most interesting in this training programme was the session on team building, team work, time management and confidence building. We also got a visit from our MD Mr. Kunwer Sachdev. His talk on skill enhancement of juniors was very good. I will definitely implement the things that I learnt in my day-to-day life.”

Neeraj Gulati, Manager – Quality

For me the sessions on empathy and compassion were very interesting. I also really liked the game ‘iron rod bending.’ Sheer courage is needed to be able to do this activity. This activity was designed to develop courage and passion and I think it was successful in doing so. Everyone was able to bend the iron rod.”

At the end of the day everyone had some wonderful memories and important lessons to take home. We will you updated about all the interesting happenings at Su-Kam.



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