Got Questions About Going Solar in India?

IMG_8158dWe at Su-Kam would like to see every house in India running on solar – it is Kunwer Sachdeva’s (founder and MD of Su-Kam) vision after all. However, we know that there are still many doubts that fog our minds about running our house on solar. We are here to clean bold all your doubts and apprehensions.

Through our blog we are trying to simplify some important technical concepts and provide a clear understanding of how different solar solutions work. We are also sharing stories of Indians who went solar and are loving it. Now we would like to directly take questions from you.

How to Send Your Solar-related Questions to Su-Kam

Shoot your questions to us by commenting on this blog. We will make a video with our solar experts which will contain answers to all the questions that you have asked. You will be able to watch the video on our YouTube channel.


What Type of Questions to Ask

You can ask any questions that you like. Examples: How big of a solar inverter I need to match 1kva of solar panels? Should I go for on-grid or off-grid solar? How much does solar power system cost? What kind of load can I run on solar? How long will batteries take to charge from solar? How much can I save by going solar? Can I make money by selling electricity to Government?

Don’t worry you can send any simple or complicated questions our way.

When and How Will You Get the Answers

Start sending your questions to us through the comment section. We will select the questions by end of this week and put the YouTube video containing answers next week.

Thanks for asking :)

Go Solar with Su-Kam

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