Grand Salute! Indian Army Goes Solar in Shillong: 24×7 Electricity for our Jawaans

The Director General of Assam riffles in Shillong felt the need to install a solar powered system in their area (Lait Kore), since the Shillong area is blessed with ample amount of sunlight reaching their land, so that their load (lights, fans, central heating systems, computers etc.) could run on free solar power and their monthly electricity bill could be reduced to a large extent.

To make this idea turn to reality Lieutenant Colonel Bakshi on behalf of the Director General of the Assam Riffles quoted their order to the REIL. Lieutenant Bakshi takes care of solar installations in Assam riffles. Su-Kam was the company out of many that was chosen to carry out the entire installation.


And to carry it out this important project we called up Ms. Shweta our trusted channel partner. A highly inspirational woman, she is the managing director of NRR power solutions a company located in Faridabad that takes care of installations of energy systems. She says ‘This is a massive solar power plant installation and we hope to do justice to it and have it up and running in no time.’


Mr. R Singh was one of the vendors working with NRR (Contact NRR power solutions on – 09540878884). He went to Assam for site inspection. The entire base camp has individual houses and official buildings that run on electricity. He advised that a solar power plant consisting of solar panels, solar charge controller, solar inverter and batteries should be installed on the site.


Technical Specifications:

  1. 100KW solar panels – 400 number 250W each
  2. Batteries (VRLA) – 1000AH (180 cells, 2V)
  3. Solar charge controller – 360V, 30amp (8 number)
  4. Solar inverter – 125KVA


Initial Investment

This system was directly installed in the substation that powered the entire Assam riffles area. The system generated approximately 400 units a day. To calculate the return of investment we need to do a simple calculation. We need to find out how many units of electricity are being used in a year which can be calculated by multiplying:

Units of electricity generated in a day x 365 (Number of Days in a year)

In this case we would get, 400×365 = 146000

This would be the units of electricity consumed in one year. Now if you need to find the savings for one year then multiply this by the cost per unit electricity in that state. Which is Rps. 7.5 in Assam.

So 146000 x 7.5 = 10,95000 (10 Lakh 95 thousand)

Do you see now? The Assam riffles is saving almost 11 lakh year by switching to solar.


This installation will help to contribute towards a greener planet and of course will reduce their yearly expenditures to a great extent. This massive Assam Riffles project was a success. Lieutenant Colonel Bakhi says and we quote ‘we hope to contribute a little bit to the environment by using clean energy and setting an example for the people of India’. We are blessed to have such upright men serving the Nation.


How Can You Install Solar?

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