Great! How This Woman is Making Her Petrol Pump Run on Solar

It isn’t just essential that we all know the immense benefits of solar but also how it has changed the global trend of electricity usage all together? Do you stay in an area that experiences frequent power cuts? Or in an area where your electricity bill surprises you every month with never ending rates?

Solar is the solution. Don’t believe me? Just read on to find out how this woman whose family owns a petrol pump switches to solar and reduced her monthly electricity bill of INR 7500 per month!



Here is a story about Nirmala Devi, who owns a petrol pump ‘Sahed Puran Chand Filling station’ in Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh. Nirmala and her family were a family out of the 26,500 people who are frustrated because of lack of proper electricity lines in Mandi District. People who can afford it have resorted to using diesel generators here and the rest have been forced to live without adequate power.


For this filling station her family spent INR 5000 on electricity consumed from mains and spent an additional INR 2500 on Diesel generator. Nirmala devi discussed her problem with her neighbors and her family. She found out how people in Mandi are turning to solar and getting relief from this frustrating problem. She narrated the story about a family friend who got his monthly electricity bill of INR 15000 reduced every month by going solar and got very inspired.


Mandi district approximately receives 13 hours of day light every day. Installing a solar system in this area was a perfect solution.

To turn her petrol pump into a solar powered pump she contacted Rajeev Garg, Su-Kam’s authorized distributor from Power Solutions in Himachal Pradesh. Rajeev Garg called up his trusted dealer Nandani Traders located in Bilaspur (Himachal Pradesh) to get a solar system installed in Nirmala Devi’s filling station. Rajeev Garg has been handling with solar system installations for a while now and after careful inspection of the filling station he gave the following suggestions:


  1. Su-Kam’s solar PCU– 5KVA/96V
  2. Su-Kam Solar Panels– 250W/24V (8 in number)
  3. Su-Kam’s battery bank– 150AH (8 in number)



The 2KW solar panel generates approximately 8 to 10 units per day depending on the weather conditions. The system runs the entire load of the petrol pump that essentially includes 4 fuel dispensers. The solar system will run two dispensers at one time. Nirmala Devi is extremely happy seeing her petrol pump turn into a solar powered station.


It is a pleasure to see people really believing in solar power. Su-Kam’s solar PCU is in built with a solar charge controller that makes it the perfect solar system. We are glad to see another happy solar customer in India. Going solar has never been easier.

To know how a solar PCU works please click on this link and watch an interesting video:

For further details please feel free to contact-

Rajeev Garg (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor from Power solutions)-09816094436

Contact the customer on the following-

Shr. Nirmala Devi – 09816204900

Saheed Puran Chand Filling Tank

NH21 Pandoh Teh Sadar

Dist. Mandi

Himachal Pradesh



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