Great! School Goes Solar in UP. See How It Runs Fans, Coolers, Lights on 100% Solar Power

How Did Solar Help This School?

Narayan Public School is located in Hardoi district in Uttar Pradesh. The area where this school is located in experiences heavy power cuts. Electricity is available only for about 7 hours every day. Because of this, the school’s management decided to install multiple diesel generators over this school that is built on a 10-acre land area.

The diesel generators and the power supply taken from the grid, generated a bill of INR 20,000 every month, which was a major cause of concern. However, the primary concern was that the school load needed proper backup so they wanted to install a high capacity inverter battery system in the school so that the load runs properly.


They then contacted Mr. Ranjan, who is Su-kam’s authorized distributor and asked for his advice to install a proper backup system in that school. Ranjan and his team of qualified engineers visited the school and understood their load requirements.


Ranjan then introduced them to the concept of solar power. Ranjan advised them that if they installed a high capacity solar powered inverter assisted with solar panels and batteries it would provide them proper backup and also reduce their electricity bills drastically.


The management liked the concept of solar power and decided to solarize their school.

Indian state Uttar Pradesh, receives ample amount of sunlight. With an average of 10 hours and 30 minutes of day light, a solar installation in this winter month of January would be perfect for this area.

After a detailed site inspection of the filling station, Ranjan and his team of qualified service engineers decided to install the following –

Technical Specifications:

  1. Su-Kam Solar PCU – 6.25KVA/96V
  2. Batteries 150AH – 8
  3. Su-Kam’s Solar Panels – 5.4KW


Load Running and Units Generated

This solar system generates approximately 25 to 30 units of electricity in a day, according to weather conditions. The system runs the load of the school that includes all lights, fans and coolers of the school—a total of 2.5KW load is running on this system currently.

This installation was a success and the school’s management is happy with the installation.

We had a candid conversation with Mr. Ranjan and he said, ‘This school has been struggling with heavy power cuts every day and they wanted a solution for it. By installing solar system, they will be able to run their complete load on the system and their bills will be reduced drastically.’

We are glad that educational institutions of India such as this school is opting for a more energy efficient solution instead of going for systems that contribute to the rising pollution of India and the world.

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Narayan Public School


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