Great! School in Maharashtra Sets Example by Going Solar

Why Solar?

Sandeepani Public School is located in Nanded, Maharashtra. This area where the school is located experiences frequent power cuts so they had to install a power back up system to run their load comfortably. The school has a number of Su-Kam inverters and batteries installed but because of the rising electricity rates they wanted to go solar and convert their existing systems into a solar system.


Mr. Sunil Rathod, director of the school had a candid conversation with us regarding the scopes of solar power and how it can benefit the school.

The school recently underwent a new construction wherein they decided to install a solar powered system that will run machines that are used in the construction and few tube lights and fans running in the security rooms.

Mr. Vishwajeet Rathod, owner of Vishwa Enterprises from Maharashtra helped the school carry out the entire solar installation process. He spoke to the management at length and understood their requirements.

Vishwajeet explained, ‘Nanded district of Maharashtra holds a population of 430,733 people and receives approximately 12 hours and 30 minutes of day light every day on an average. The scope of solar in this city is immense.’ He also suggested the school management to install a solarcon (a solar charge controller that can convert existing inverters into solar inverter) so that they can run the rest of the school load on solar too!


Here is what was installed in the newly constructed school—

Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam Solar PCU – 2KVA/48V
  2. Su-Kam Solar Panels – 2KW
  3. Su-Kam Batteries – 150AH (4 in number)


Units Generated and Load Running

This solar system is expected to generate approximately 9 to 11 units of electricity on a daily basis depending on weather conditions. The installation was a success. The system is now running on solar comfortably. Solar power from this installation is used to run 1.5 KW load that includes tube lights, fans, construction machines etc.

Mr. Vishwajeet says, ‘This school has always preferred Su-Kam inverters. They had Su-Kam inverters installed all over the school like Shiny and Falcon and when they decided to go solar, I suggested the best solar inverters suitable to their needs and requirements. This solar PCU will work efficiently and will run the required load. We are in process to change all existing inverters into solar inverters and make this school a solar school very soon. We want to lead by example and help our environment.

We have installed a solar PCU because it has an integrated charge controller and this way they would not have to buy an inverter and a solar charge controller separately.’

We are glad all went well. It is inspirational to see our education system adopting solar power. Another solar powered school in India! They are happy and so are we!

To understand how a solar PCU works and how to install one please watch this video:

For further details, please contact Su-Kam’s channel partner who did this installation:

Mr. Vishwajeet Rathod (Vishwa Enterprises)- 09923366333

Contact customer with the details below-

Mr. Sunil Rathod (Director)- 09822556934

Sandeepani Public School

Nanded, Maharashtra



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