Great service by Su-Kam!

Many companies sell technically advanced products. Products that have the latest features, and are packed with the modern conveniences. But no sooner is the limited warranty period up, than the products begin to develop problems. This strong point separates Su-Kam from the rest. Not only do Su-Kam products perform optimally for years; if there is a problem, the always-efficient service support rectifies the glitch permanently, and immediately.

Neeraj Rotela from Faridabad is amazed at Su-Kam’s efficient services. He shares, “My inverter developed a small problem. I called at Su-Kam and before I knew it, the service team was at my door & repaired the product. No pain, no chasing calls. Remarkable!” Nathmal Rander from Maharashtra also can’t stop praising Su-Kam’s service support. He says, “4 years after using my Su-Kam, I had a battery problem. They sent the service people to my house and it was fixed in no time. I did not lose any time or sleep over it!” Strong statements of confidence coming from customers.

Of course, in an overwhelming number of cases, Su-Kam’s products have hardly caused trouble in the first place. Running dutifully & faultlessly for years on end, Su-Kam’s reliability is unquestionable. Rajib Talukdar is a living example; “I have been using a Su-Kam inverter+battery for years now & I have never had to seek any service support. The products are just perfect.” Deepak Joice, from Bangalore, who was gifted his Su-Kam, says it has turned out to be his best gift because, “Since one year, my Su-Kam is working without any problem at all and I am very happy.” Pukhraj Saini from Rajasthan has had an identical story as Deepak’s: One year, fault-free. Nanda Ghosh from Kolkata talks about more of Su-Kam’s smooth operation, “I have been using a Su-Kam inverter for 6 months & not a day of any trouble.” While New Delhi resident Arun Kumar’s experience has been so good, he can’t get enough of it. He proudly shares, “I used a Su-Kam UPS for 2 trouble-free years & liked the brand so much, I bought an inverter as well!” And for Sanjeeb Das from Noida, Su-Kam has just been pain-free & perfect; “I heard a lot about Su-Kam & bought inverter 2 years back. No problem at all.”

But these are electronic products after-all, that can develop a snag. The main thing, then, is how effectively and efficiently a brand backs up its customers.

Partha Guha from Kolkata says, “I had a minor problem with my inverter but Su-Kam rectified it instantly!” Sajjan Bhandral from Punjab says, “After 4 years, my battery developed a problem. But the people at Su-Kam are so good, it was repaired immediately.” Similarly, Rahul Save from Virar too encountered a problem after 4 happy years of usage and says, “The fault was replaced & my Su-Kam is back to being the best.” Nanda Ghosh from Kolkata adds a final vote of confidence by saying, “There was some sound problem that developed, but Su-Kam’s service sorted it out in no time!”

When it comes to great service, Su-Kam is way ahead of the game.




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