Grid Tie Solar Installation In Punjab!

Here is a story about a man living in Punjab, who decided to go solar with Su-Kam by the valuable advice given by our authorized distributor Mr. Kapil Dev Soni. His house now runs on Su-Kam’s 2KW Grid Tie inverter and he can’t be happier. Here is what he told us about his solar journey:

Why Solar and How It Helped Arjun?

Mr. Arjun Singh lives in a village located in Machhiwara in the state of Punjab. Arjun wanted to reduce his electricity bills and also wanted to power his home load without power interruption.

Machhiwara receives approximately 13 hours of day light every day. And investing in solar power in this area would definitely bring perfect results.

Kapil Dev Soni, Su-Kam’s authorized distributor then approached Arjun and advised him to install a grid tied inverter in his home. Grid tie inverter would not only reduce his monthly electricity bill by running his home load on solar but would also help him earn money by selling the excess solar power produced by solar panels back to the grid.

And so Arjun decided to install a solar system in his home. On 29th July, a grid tied inverter was installed in Arjun’s home. Here are the details.

Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam’s grid tie inverter – 2KW
  2. Su-Kam Solar Panels 250W/24V – 8 in number

Why Grid Tie Inverter?

Grid tie inverters are an on grid rooftop solar solution that can run the load completely on solar and also sell excess solar power back to the company by feeding the power to the grid. Su-Kam’s grid tie inverters are 97% efficient which can help the user make use of maximum power coming from the sun.

Units Generated and Load Running

This solar system will the following load in Arjun’s home:

  1. Air conditioner – 1 in number
  2. LED bulbs – 10/12
  3. Fans – 5/6

The system is expected to generate approximately 8 to 12 units of electricity on a daily basis depending on weather conditions. The installation was a success. The system is now running on solar and provides electricity in their house at all times

Kapil Soni says, ‘We have installed a 2KW grid tie inverter in the customer’s home according to their load requirements. This inverter will be able to provide electricity in their home all day and will provide relief from the frequent power cut situation in that area’.

We wish Mr. Arjun and his family all the best and hope to serve him and his family again in the future.

To understand how to install Su-Kam’s Grid tie inverter, please click on this link and subscribe to Su-Kam’s YouTube channel:

Please click on the following link to subscribe to Su-Kam’s YouTube channel to learn more about upcoming technologies in solar power:

For further details, please contact-

Mr. Kapil Dev Soni (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor)- 9781197811

Contact customer with the details below-

Mr. Arjun Singh- 9417264714

Village Udhowal kalan





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