Gujarat Government is Solarising its Lighthouses. Here’s Why:

The lighthouses monitor the seas during the nights and assists the defense forces of India to maintain peace and tranquility. Those lights are running comfortably on solar. Here is a story about how Su-Kam was a part of a massive solar installation in this government of India light house located in Gujarat.


Why Solar?

The government of India decided to take up solar power to run their massive light house to contribute to the green India movement and also to set an example for everyone. Su-Kam feels proud to have received the tender for this installation. Our authorized distributor from Kutchch, Mr. Vibhakar was given the responsibility for this installation.


Mr. Vibhakar then got in touch with the station officer of the lighthouse – Mr. Kiran Hari. They then discussed the load requirements and designed a solar system that would be perfect to run all their appliances. Following was the system that was installed there:


Technical Specifications:

  1. Su-Kam’s Solar inverter – 30KVA
  2. Battery cells 600AH/12V 30 in number
  3. Su-Kam solar panels – 120 (250W/24V)
  4. Su-Kam PWM Solar Charge Controller – 96V 3 in number


Load Running and Units Generated

This solar system will generate approximately 150 units of electricity every day depending on weather conditions. This solar system is running the entire load of the lighthouse. That includes lights used in Vehicle traffic control. During the day, solar charges the batteries and runs load of the office and during the night, the lights used to monitor the seas are run on battery backup.


The installation was a massive success. Mr. Vibhakar says, ‘We have installed two solar systems in the government light houses. It was the first solar system that was installed in Kutchch on such a huge level. I felt blessed to be a part of such a huge initiative taken by the government of India to turn solar and lend a hand to the environment. We are looking forward to many such installations.’


We are glad that the government of India is taking such inspirational green initiatives. India will soon turn into a solar powered nation. And we feel proud to be a part of it.


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For further details, please contact-

Mr. Vibhakar Patel (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor from Neelam Microelectronics) – 09824042405

Address of the site-

Station officer (Mr. Kiran hari)- 07698047087

Jakhau VTS Center & Light house


District- Bhuj





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