Gurudwara Goes Solar in Amritsar with 205 Solar Lights. Here are the Details

Su-Kam recently bagged an order to install a massive number of solar street lights in Amritsar, Punjab. Sri Janam Asthaan Baba Budha Sahib Gurudwara decided to install street lights that would run completely on solar and save a massive amounts of electricity charges.

And so a total of 205 street light have been installed over a 4Km range around the Baba Budha Sahib Gurudwara located in village Kathunangal.

It was a prestigious occasion inaugurated by the Hon. Bikram Singh Majithia Renewable Energy Resouces Minister, Punjab. He says ‘Today pollution has become a major source of pollution and concern and renewable energy is the way forward’.



The Gurudwara association placed a tender of 205 solar street lights with the Punjab Energy Development Association (PEDA). This order required an installation of Su-Kam’s solar street lights that would run the street lights through solar charged batteries and light up the entire area. These street lights have been specially designed to give power back up for an average of 11 to 12 hours in a day from 6PM to 6AM.


Mr. Abhay Gupta, Su-Kam’s solar project business head has been looking into the installation and made sure that the project sees the light of day. Few important people involved in this project were Rahul Sandhu, Business Development Manager, Su-Kam Chandigarh, and Business Associate Su-Kam- Mr. S S Kohli and Rohit Kalia– our service and execution engineer.

Su-Kam’s team decided for a solar system to be constructed that would generated solar power and could run the LED in built in the solar street lights.


The following were the specifications of the solar system:


  1. Su-Kam’s 9Watt solar street light -205 in number
  2. Battery Capacity- 400AH /120V (60cells) VRLA BATTERIES
  3. Distance between the lights- 17 Meters approximately
  4. Solar inverter7.5KW/120V
  5. Su-Kam’s Solar panels7.5KW-250W/24V



As the name suggests solar street lights utilize solar energy generated by solar panels and generate energy in the form of light.

A typical street lights consists of a Pole, solar panels, batteries and LED bulbs. Sun rays fall on the solar panels that consist of photovoltaic cells that convert solar energy into electrical energy that is stored in batteries.

During the night the LED bulbs consumes this energy stored in batteries. During the day the batteries get recharged and the process continues.


These LED have a long extended lives of about 50,000 hours and consume low current which is very solar panels of small sizes are suitable to run them.


The 400AH battery bank is used to run 205 street lights of 9W each specially designed by Su-Kam to meet their needs. One 9W solar street light runs for 11 to 12 hours approximately. Total load running on this solar system is 7.5KW.

Other than the 205 street lights, the area also had 30 preexisting street lights that they wanted to convert into solar street lights. Su-Kam provided new 20W LED lights and powered these through the battery bank. The entire installation was approximately 16.4 Lakh.


The project started approximately 4 months back and the installation was a major success and the street lights are working in perfect condition. Village Kathuanangal’s roads now see light during late evening hours that has made the much required difference in the lives of people living there. Don’t wait, it’s your turn to go solar!

For more information you can contact the following:

  1. Abhay Gupta (Solar projects business head)- 09643324520
  2. Rahul Sandhu (Business Development Manager) – 08872979222

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